Four Mexican brands among the 500 most valuable in the world


Brand Finance, the independent valuation and brand strategy specialist, based in London with offices in over twenty countries, conducts an analysis each year in which it tests thousands of brands around the world in different business sectors.

One of the most valuable Mexican brands in the world. Photo: Pxfuel
One of the most valuable Mexican brands in the world. Photo: Pxfuel

According to factors such as the level of loyalty, promotion, marketing investment, corporate reputation, and staff satisfaction, they choose and value which are the most powerful in the world.

This year in its report "Global 500 2020" among the most valuable brands were four Mexican companies: Corona, Pemex, Claro, and Victoria. Corona beer, although not entirely Mexican, since it is produced by Grupo Modelo, which in turn is part of the Belgian multinational AB Inbev, achieved the highest ranking among the four.

With the report led by the U.S. giants of technology: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, Corona managed to occupy the number 239 with a valuation of $8,065 billion dollars, which although it is a good figure, fell from last year when it occupied the position 231.

The study states that experts will be attentive to this beer brand because although it has good marketing strategies with presence in music festivals and products focused on the public that does not consume beer, managers must be careful not to dilute its strength when starting production outside Mexico, as announced a few months ago.

On the other hand, Pemex this year ranked 292, a lower position in the ranking compared to last year when it was at number 203. The study explains that it owes its fall to the arrival of national and international competitors to the Mexican market and the reduction of confidence of investors in the company.

Although its financial value managed to exceed 1.25 billion dollars, likewise, Victoria fell by positioning in the 456th position, compared to last year when it was at 414.

Of course, the telecommunications company was the only one of the four brands that rose in the ranking, since from 347th place, this year managed to reach the position 338. This makes it the fifth most valuable brand in Latin America.

Mexico was not the only Latin American country to be present in this world ranking, as four Brazilian banking institutions were also on the list: Itaú, Bradesco, Caixa, and Banco do Brasil.

By Mexicanist