The 2022 World Beer Cup Brings Mexican Beer Four Medals

Master brewers put Mexico's name on high at the World Beer Cup. Mexican craft beer has earned an important place in the World Beer Cup; the quality of its beverage is enviable.

The 2022 World Beer Cup Brings Mexican Beer Four Medals
The World Beer Cup: Quality in the Beverage Industry. Photo by Brad Stallcup / Unsplash

The quality of beer produced in Mexico has increased in recent years. Thus, the independent brewing industry has experienced significant growth, a factor that can be appreciated by consumers, who increasingly demand more from producers.

Good news comes from the 2022 edition of the World Beer Cup, the biannual competition also known as the "Beer Olympics", an initiative that began in 1996, as part of the quest to bring the public a broader vision of this industry.

The World Beer Cup has 111 different categories, in which beverages from all over the world can compete. The judges are experts in the field, as they dominate the areas of art and science in brewing.  Among the judges, the presence of Jessica MI, a nationally recognized beer judge and founder of Cervecería Maltezza, stood out.

The medals were awarded after a long day of tasting and scoring by the panel of 226 experts from 28 different countries, who determined the places in each category according to their level of quality, compliance with the characteristics of the beer style, among other traits.

Mexican beer wins four medals

Cervecería El Gardenia, Cervecería Rámuri, Cervecería Hércules and Cervecería Principia won medals at the World Beer Cup 2022. El Gardenia, located in Chihuahua, received a silver medal in the Beer with Chile category for Piqué, a Pale Ale style beer with jalapeño.

Rámuri, from Tijuana, won bronze in the Chocolate Beers category with its Lágrimas Negras beer, which belongs to the Oatmeal Stout style, blending the best malts, oats and cocoa and a special toast.

Cervecería Hércules, located in Querétaro, won the bronze medal in the English Ales category with Caballo Blanco, a pale-colored beer made from wheat malts, classified as a Summer Ale style due to its refreshing taste.

Cervecería Principia, from Monterrey, won the bronze medal for its American Wheat beer in the American Wheat Beer category, which achieves a particular smoothness of flavor and citrus notes that make it a balanced beverage.

"Independent Mexican brewers are making beer with talent and passion, and it is a pleasure to witness the international recognition they are obtaining. From ACERMEX, we support them and celebrate the medals received in this World Beer Cup. Congratulations and thank you for placing Mexico on high," said Cristina Barba, director of the Association of Independent and Craft Brewers of Mexico (ACERMEX).