Mexican Beer Modelo Shines Bright as Bud Light Loses Its Sparkle in the US

Mexican business news: Modelo beer surpasses Bud Light in the US, American Airlines increases flights to Mexico's beach destinations, and calls for greater regulation for SMEs listing on the stock exchange. Stay informed with the latest updates from the dynamic Mexican market.

Mexican Beer Modelo Shines Bright as Bud Light Loses Its Sparkle in the US
Modelo Especial rises to the top, dethroning Bud Light as the leading beer in the US market, causing a buzz among beer enthusiasts. Image by Alexa from Pixabay

In a surprising twist of events, the reigning champion of the U.S. beer market, Bud Light, has been dethroned by the uprising star, Modelo Especial, brewed by Constellation Brands. The unexpected shift in fortunes for these hoppy heavyweights comes hot on the heels of a controversial social media promotion that drew the ire of conservatives.

The brouhaha erupted when Bud Light unveiled a daring advertising campaign featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. While the move was hailed by progressive beer aficionados as a bold step towards inclusivity, it sparked a fiery backlash from conservatives, who claimed the promotion was an affront to traditional values.

The conservative outcry reverberated through the sales figures, causing a 24.6 percent decline in Bud Light's sales and a 9.2 percent drop in its sibling brew, Budweiser. Meanwhile, Modelo Especial rode the wave of controversy, experiencing a remarkable 10.2 percent surge in sales during the four weeks ending June 3. These staggering numbers were confirmed by the renowned consulting firm Bump Williams, which specializes in brewing up data from NielsenIQ.