Dear memes addict, Mexico has already opened the first Meme Museum: a cultural space that was available for a limited time, from December 7 to 9, located in the capital of the country. It showed the most popular memes that have flooded social networks in recent years. But, if you have not yet been able to enjoy it, many local young people demand the follow-up and reopening of this new and curious museum.

Curated by Eduardo Granja, in charge of selecting the funniest publications that Internet users have echoed, it is an ephemeral museum that aims to raise the most common graphic references among young people at the level of culture. The initiative emerged from the hand of Coca-Cola and Fanta has had an excellent reception by Mexicans in a cultural bet that merges known icons with the need to recapitulate the history of the last 10 years of memes.

The aim is to analyze, in retrospect, the sequels left by memes in popular culture. Many of the works exhibited have been reinterpreted by artists such as Rilke, Odette Paz, Javier Gómez Fernández and Ocote, among others. "Many of the images and works intervened are everyday situations in which we can all identify ourselves, visitors will be surprised, the paintings are incredible and they intend to interpret the different realities to their audience," said Granja at the opening.

In the different rooms of this peculiar exhibition you will find the "classics", those that have transcended the history, to later pass to the most novel and unknown, sculptures of LOL and the gift of Nyan Cat or the cat that flies in the infinite and gives off a rainbow of graphics. A novelty that is also an opportunity to create a showcase for talented young people of design and illustration and who is already creating numerous jobs. Due to its success, it is not ruled out that this overwhelming idea reopens its doors since it is the center of attention for millions of young people. The venue is located at Mérida 18, Colonia Roma Nte, 06700.