These are the mega-construction projects coming to Quintana Roo

Some of the mega-construction projects coming to Quintana Roo, Mexico.

These are the mega-construction projects coming to Quintana Roo
Photo by James Sullivan / Unsplash

A 47-kilometer mass transportation system from downtown Cancun to the hotel zone is one of the mega-projects contemplated for Quintana Roo, which together will represent an investment of 41,758 million pesos.

The project called Cancunbus will have 29 stations and 2 terminals under the Public-Private Partnership scheme, with a 30-year contract with a company that will be in charge of the design, construction, equipment, operation, administration, and maintenance.

Cancunbus would serve a daily demand of 66,800 passengers, as part of the state government's integral strategy, which would complement the Mayan Train, one of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's flagship projects.

The Nichupté Bridge, over the lagoon of the same name, is planned with an investment of 4,500 million pesos, whose execution will be carried out by the Mexican Army, to lighten traffic in the hotel zone of the destination.

Also, the expansion to four lanes of the federal highway, Bacalar-Tulum section, along 207.84 kilometers, is expected to be carried out through an international public bidding process. The investment would be 1.8 billion pesos.

Meanwhile, with 600 million pesos, it is intended to build the Tulum Beltway, which would be a highway with two lanes of traffic and shoulders, in a section of 12 meters wide, along 26 kilometers. Among the junctions contemplated is the one near the Gran Cenote and another one near the next Tulum Airport.

With an investment of 873.7 million pesos, the recovery of beaches is contemplated. The largest investment would be in descending order: the Riviera Maya, Playa Norte Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and lastly Cozumel, to recover sandy beaches.


Cancunbus (Bus Rapid Transit): 33 kilometers elevated along the hotel zone and 14 kilometers at lane level between Tulum and Universidades avenues / 32.9 billion pesos.

Nichupté Bridge: new road connection to lighten traffic in the hotel zone / 4.5 billion pesos.

Bacalar-Tulum highway expansion: from kilometer 17+000 to kilometer 225+000 / 1.8 billion pesos.

Tulum beltway: type A2 highway, with a length of 26 kilometers / 600 million pesos.

Beach recovery Riviera Maya: 873.7 million pesos.

Recovery of Playa Norte Cancun beaches: 813.4 million pesos.

Playa del Carmen beach restoration: 760.4 million pesos.

Recovery of Cozumel beaches: 510.8 million pesos.

Source: Grupo Piramide