Regulation: Vacation Rentals vs. Conventional Hotels in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, the Pearl of the Pacific, is abuzz with vacation rentals, new flight routes, booming real estate sales, and thrilling sports achievements. Get ready for beachfront bliss, high-flying adventures, and the Leagues Cup showdown. Mazatlan is calling, and the world is answering.

Regulation: Vacation Rentals vs. Conventional Hotels in Mazatlan
Paradise awaits in Mazatlan, where vacation rentals are redefining beachfront getaways. Image by Gregory from Pixabay

Vacation rentals, those cheeky disruptors of the hospitality scene, are causing quite a stir in the sunny port of Mazatlan. Miguel Hernandez Fonseca, the president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce in Sinaloa, has stepped up to the podium, waving the regulation flag high. He insists that these rentals need to play by the same rules as conventional hotels. It seems there's a law in place, but it's been lounging in a beach chair, sipping cocktails, instead of getting down to business.

But wait, there's more! The Mazatlan City Council has an ambitious plan up its sleeve. They want to create the Zofemat Directorate, which sounds like something out of a superhero movie, but it's going to be in charge of handling the administrative tasks related to federal income. In simpler terms, they want to make sure everyone pays up when it comes to using or enjoying the beaches or the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone. Move over, Office of the Mayor, there's a new director in town!

In a bid to boost connectivity and rake in more tourists, a new flight route from Mexico City to Mazatlan has taken off, courtesy of Viva Aerobus. The first flight, VB9232, departed with much fanfare. Initially, the route will operate only on Sundays and Tuesdays, but hey, if demand skyrockets, they might just add more flights to the mix. So, pack your bags, folks, because getting to the Pearl of the Pacific has never been easier or more budget-friendly.

And if you thought that was all the flight news for Mazatlan, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Volaris Airlines has also joined the party, inaugurating a direct flight from Guanajuato Airport to Mazatlan. Flying high on Tuesdays and Sundays, these flights will take you straight to your sandy destination in just over an hour. But here's a pro tip: snagging a good deal requires some pre-planning. Prices vary depending on the day and time, ranging from $1,592 to $4,159. So, keep your eyes peeled and book ahead to save those precious pesos. Of course, if you enjoy the scenic route, flights with a layover in Guadalajara are still an option.

Ah, rainy season, when the skies open up and the streets of Mazatlan turn into canals. The Municipal Risk Atlas reveals that there are a whopping 44 intersections that are prone to flooding. If you're out and about during heavy rainfall, avoid these watery crossroads like the plague. You wouldn't want to channel your inner Moses and get stranded in the middle of the road or swept away by the currents, would you? Trust us, it's been done, and it's not a great look.

While some green areas in Mazatlan's Urbivilla del Real subdivision have received some tender loving care, the poor Las Cofradías street seems to have been forgotten for an entire year. The neglected street has become a breeding ground for unruly weeds and, wait for it, poisonous animals. Yikes! The locals have had enough and are itching for the authorities to take action. Let's hope they grab their gardening gloves and tackle the overgrown mess soon.

Hold onto your hard hats, folks, because there's some thrilling news for construction enthusiasts! Authorities in Mazatlan recently took a stroll through the city's streets, inspecting ongoing paving and improvement works. The verdict? The quality of work is top-notch and progressing swimmingly. That's great news for the locals, who can look forward to smoother roads and happier commutes. Way to go, construction crews!

In a tale as old as time, a man from Colombia found himself embroiled in a sticky situation with the municipal police officers. He claims they swiped a cool 10,000 pesos from his trouser pocket during a search. It all went down inside a self-service store, where our Colombian friend was minding his own business until the law enforcement squad showed up. Allegedly, one of the officers got a little too handsy and nabbed the cash. Outraged, the man dialed the emergency center to report the alleged theft. Now, the State Attorney General's Office has taken on the case, and the truth will hopefully come to light.

Mazatlan's beachfront businesses have been the talk of the town, attracting tourists like moths to a flame. Chair rentals, Mazatlan tours, and even parachute rides have become the crème de la crème of the tourist experience. Who needs a stuffy hotel when you can sip margaritas on the beach and fly through the sky with the greatest of ease? These businesses know how to capture the hearts (and wallets) of vacationers.

The real estate market in Mazatlan is hotter than the sand on a scorching summer day. Sales in the first quarter of 2023 have skyrocketed by nearly 10 percent compared to the same period last year. With over 8,000 construction units currently underway, close to 5,000 have already been snatched up by eager buyers. The developers are rubbing their hands together with glee, expecting the trend to continue during the winter vacation season. Who can resist the allure of Mazatlan's real estate offerings? Apparently, not the folks from Nayarit, Durango, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Tijuana, and even Mexico City. They're all jumping on the Mazatlan bandwagon.

Attention, speed demons! Mazatlan's Transit has a bone to pick with you. Revving your engines and zipping through the streets is a big no-no. The powers that be have decreed that racers can only unleash their horsepower on specific avenues like Sábalo Cerritos, Camarón Sábalo, Del Mar, and Paseo Claussen. Sorry, folks, but you'll have to put the brakes on your racing fantasies when cruising through Olas Altas and other areas. Don't say we didn't warn you!

The Directorate of Ecology in Mazatlan wants everyone to keep their ears happy. They've extended a warm invitation to report any establishments that crank up the volume beyond the legal limit. Whether it's a fixed establishment or a mobile unit like "racers," "pulmonías," or "aurigas," they all need to play by the sound rules. The Mexican Official Norm states that the maximum permissible sound level is 65 decibels before 9 p.m. and 55 decibels after 9 p.m. So, if you want to rock and roll all night, make sure you keep the noise in check, or the authorities might give you a not-so-harmonious sanction.

The first week of summer vacation hasn't exactly been a wild party in Mazatlan. Tourists have been taking their sweet time arriving, resulting in a sluggish start. But fret not, my beach-loving friends, because things are about to heat up. Starting from Thursday, the influx of tourists is expected to spike, aiming to close the month with an impressive 85 percent occupancy rate. So, grab your sunscreen and get ready for some sandy shenanigans!

In the realm of sports, Mazatlan has been making waves. Well, maybe not literal waves, but you get the idea. The Mazatlan football team faced off against Monterrey, hoping to break their undefeated record. Alas, it was not meant to be. Monterrey emerged victorious with a resounding 3-0 win, leaving Mazatlan licking their wounds and feeling a bit deflated. Better luck next time, lads!

But it's not all doom and gloom in the world of Mazatlan sports. The Mazatlan youth football team, with their boundless energy and skill, snagged the state championship crown in the Primera Juvenil category. With a nail-biting score of 1-0 against Culiacan, they clinched the title and secured their spot in the upcoming national championship. Bravo, team! The people of Mazatlan are bursting with pride.

Get ready for some exciting football action! The Leagues Cup 2023 is just around the corner, and it's bringing a whole new format to the table. This prestigious tournament will feature all the big players from Liga MX and MLS. Mazatlan, along with Austin FC, will make their debut in the tournament on Friday, July 21. They find themselves in South Group 1, rubbing shoulders with the fierce Bravos de Juárez. Only two teams will advance to the next phase, so it's game on!