Visit Playa Norte, a tourist-friendly spot in Mazatlán

Visitors can enjoy beautiful sunsets and an endless number of activities along the 700-meter-long Playa Norte beach in Mazatlán.

Visit Playa Norte, a tourist-friendly spot in Mazatlán
Fishing is a popular activity in Playa Norte, where locals and tourists alike enjoy the products of the sea. Photo by Carlos Davila Cepeda / Unsplash

From 5 a.m. on, the bathing area is frequented by those seeking to be in good health.  On Playa Norte beach you can find various workshops, all aimed at the vitality of the people who take them. Yoga classes, boxing, urban exercise, zumba and swimming are just some of the activities that citizens can do at the Monumento al Pescador (Fisherman's Monument). The Malecon and its bike path are also a must, and are used by locals and visitors alike, after walking along it at a slow or fast pace.

While walking along the Paseo Claussen, which is located next to the bathing area of Playa Norte, visitors can find at least three restaurants where they can enjoy traditional dishes of the region, all based on fresh seafood. Fried and battered fish, as well as seafood cocktails, shrimp ceviches and aguachiles are what people can consume when entering the establishments along the boardwalk.

Not to be missed are the seasonal chopped fruit vendors, whose products represent the dessert for visitors who have eaten during their stay in this part of the bay of Mazatleca, right in front of the beautiful scenery of the Three Islands.   To the south of the Monument to the Fisherman is the pier of Playa Norte, a space that is reactivated daily from 4:00 am.

Visitors can enjoy beautiful sunsets and an endless number of activities along the 700-meter-long Playa Norte beach in Mazatlán.

In that place, sea workers aboard pangas, go out in search of the rich delicacies offered by the Pacific Ocean. After almost six hours of searching, the fishermen manage to catch species such as snapper, whiting, sawfish and mojarra, which are later sold among the merchants located on one side of the pier. At modest prices, locals and tourists acquire any fish in this place, and they can even eat it, when they ask for its preparation by cooks who work outdoors in this beach.

After sunset, those who are still in the bathing area can enjoy the sunsets, considered the most beautiful in the port. At any point of Playa Norte, the passerby can find beautiful sunsets, which do not hesitate to capture in photographs, which are taken by cell phones. Once at night, the visitor and the local do not stop enjoying that part of the boardwalk, where the presence of a musical group attracts their attention for the diverse repertoire of songs they offer.

Reactivate Playa Norte and promote fishing in Mazatlan

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, Mazatlán's Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fishing, commented that there is coordination with fishermen from Playa Norte to carry out improvement projects. He commented that investments are required to reactivate this area, a tourist attraction in the port, and that this could also be replicated in other beaches such as Isla de la Piedra.

"Investments are required to reactivate this area, it is undoubtedly a tourist attraction of the destination, with this combination of continuing to highlight our traditions is something that we want to strengthen the whole area, not only Playa Norte, but also Isla de la Piedra," he said.

Both fishermen and the municipality are willing to invest so that there is a reactivation of the area, fishing is boosted and the fishermen themselves can offer and take better advantage of the marine product.

"We have already been in talks to see what are the things that they themselves promote, we need to link the different sectors, because the restaurant sector is also approaching the same fishing sectors so that they can get a real benefit, which often these benefits go to second, third or fourth hands and this is certainly attractive for the destination, to have the fish of the day, to take advantage of the products, "he said.

Without revealing the investment figures or the details of the projects due to the electoral ban, what he did advance is that by this year the results of these improvements will already be seen.