Mazatlan will have its own Gastronomic Neighborhood

Mazatlan will have its own Gastronomic Quarter. It is expected to cover Downtown, Historic Downtown and Olas Altas.

Mazatlan will have its own Gastronomic Neighborhood
Shrimp cocktail. Photo by Yasmine Duchesne / Unsplash

New projects are coming, Mazatlan will have a Gastronomic Neighborhood that will integrate its restaurant community in the Downtown and Historic Center of the port, a project that is expected to be completed in a short period of time, said Marco Bernal, representative of the project.

A Gastronomic Neighborhood? Yes, as if it were a tianguis. This project is envisioned to work in the same way; along the streets of the Historic Center it is planned to place stalls where people can come and buy their food and products.

This has the objective of bringing together all the merchants not only from the area around the Machado square, but also from other surrounding streets that offer history and a variety of Mexican and foreign food. It is expected to cover from Downtown, Historic Downtown to Olas Altas.

The main thing is for tourists and locals to know that there are more restaurants around Machado Square, where they will be able to find dishes ranging from regional, national and international cuisine.

The Gastronomic Neighborhood is formed by all the local restaurants that are in the area to consolidate and that people know that not only in the Machado square there are restaurants.  This plan is not new, as it was announced that the project has existed since before the pandemic, to create a gastronomic corridor that integrates restaurants in the area.

In the Historic Downtown area there are between 75 to 80 restaurants, most of which would join the Gastronomic Neighborhood, which seeks to promote the different areas and the culinary varieties they offer. The Secretariat of Economic Development and Tourism (Sedectur) and the Municipal Planning Institute (Implan), both municipal government agencies, are involved in the project.