A new cargo airport is in the works for Mazatlan

The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, recently claimed that a group of businesspeople would be willing to spend $800 million on a cargo airport.

A new cargo airport is in the works for Mazatlan
Mazatlan is planning a brand new freight airport. Photo by Robert Bye / Unsplash

Undoubtedly, the port of Mazatlan continues to strengthen its industrial sector, as seen by the advent of a brand-new cargo airport. Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres said, without going into too much detail, that this cargo airport was built by a large business group that had wanted to invest in the city for a long time after seeing that the economy is growing in Mazatlan.

Despite the lack of more details, it is anticipated that 800 million dollars will be invested and the building will begin in 2023. "They are bringing 800 million dollars to construct a cargo airport in preparation for what is imminent. I am merely going to greet them because they have insisted so much. They are serious businesspeople, we know. They are not from here, but their firm is really serious, "he elaborated.

The port of Mazatlan is preparing for the upcoming industrial boom with the building of the Mazatlan Logistics Center, located to the north of the city, and the MZT Aerospace Park, which is well advanced. The aerospace park has already given Semarnat a proposal for the environmental impact of building a private mixed-use airfield.

What constitutes cargo airports?

Big runways make it easier to fly big cargo planes, and there are a lot of lands available to build big cargo areas and facilities for running intermodal transport.

The orientation of these airports toward specialized industries, such as low-cost cargo operations and support for integrator firms, is one of their defining traits.

The major cargo airports in Mexico, according to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), are Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Toluca, and Cancun.

Private investment in Mazatlan

In regards to private investment, the mayor said that Mazatlan would get at least 21 billion pesos between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. This means that the 43 billion pesos mark will be passed in just one year of this administration.

He added that all of these investments, in addition to the ones we've already made and the ones we'll make in the future, will allow us to beat the three-year average.