To continue to be a platform to promote emerging bands, the Marvin Festival returns with more cultural, musical, and even gastronomic offers to grow more. The Marvin music festival has bands like Wire, Lydia Lunch, Domo Suzuki's Network, among others, not only remains but its work is enlarged by integrating new elements to give better experiences.

The Marvin festival has gained a place in the youth culture industry and is currently considered one of the most important media industries, with 18 years of editorial work, the festival produced by the magazine promises to have a selection of bands at the height of the experience gained.

The Marvin festival, which has been characterized by promoting new talent, this year maintains its principles and is characterized as a launching platform for stand-up comedy, new genres in the music industry. The idea is to put on the lookout all these new bands that make good music and that maybe they lack that impulse so that people come to listen to it.

This year the event has the participation of both local artists and participants from Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, among others, and to keep growing, but in the future, it is expected to embrace more bands and more countries. The idea would be to make it much more international, breaking boundaries and schemes.