AMLO Backs Martí Batres as Potential Replacement for Mexico City Mayor

Get the latest updates from AMLO's morning conference. From supporting Martí Batres to discussing US politics, energy purchases, social media, and more. Stay informed.

AMLO Backs Martí Batres as Potential Replacement for Mexico City Mayor
AMLO addresses the media, discussing a range of topics including US politics, energy purchase, social media, and more.

In a lively morning conference led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), several intriguing topics were discussed, including the support for Martí Batres as a potential replacement for the mayor of Mexico City. AMLO expressed his confidence in Batres, describing him as an experienced and honest person who shares his ideals and values.

"This is not a decision to be taken lightly. The City has its fair share of challenges, and we need someone well aware of them," AMLO emphasized. He emphasized the importance of having a leader who is dedicated to serving the people of Mexico City.

The Chief of State also addressed the issue of false news circulating about him and his family. He specifically mentioned Carlos Alazraki, who he claimed had spread misinformation, including rumors of a heart attack and a non-existent wedding. AMLO urged people to maintain their sense of humor and not let such falsehoods affect them.

Turning his attention to the United States, AMLO commented on the highly polarized political situation in the country. He mentioned the ongoing criminal process against former President Donald Trump and highlighted the contrasting constitutional provisions that allow a person deprived of their freedom to run for president in the United States but not in Mexico. He revealed that crimes were fabricated against him to prevent his name from appearing on the ballot when his immunity was stripped.

The President also expressed his concern about inequality on a global scale and called on the United Nations (UN) to prioritize the fight against it. He criticized the dominance of big pharmaceutical companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, pointing out that Mexico's proposed fund to distribute vaccines to the poorest was unsuccessful due to their control.

In a significant development, AMLO announced the purchase of 13 plants from Iberdrola, describing it as a "second nationalization of the electricity industry." He assured the public that this acquisition would prevent an increase in electricity prices, which is a matter of great interest to the people.

Addressing the impact of social media, the President acknowledged its influence in shaping public opinion. He recounted his own experience during the 2012 presidential election when the media labeled him a "ballast," but he found support through his Facebook account. Despite acknowledging the potential for manipulation, AMLO considered social networks a significant advancement in communication.

Responding to a video showing Claudia Sheinbaum, the head of the Mexico City Government, engaged in a forceful conversation with Alfonso Durazo, the governor of Sonora, AMLO dismissed it as a normal event and stated it should not be linked to the 2024 elections.

As the country faced a third heat wave, AMLO highlighted the need for an information campaign to educate the public about extreme temperatures. He revealed that these temperatures had not been experienced in Mexico for the past five years.

The arrest of Denisse Ahumada, a PAN councilwoman from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, for transporting 42 kilograms of cocaine, caught the President's attention. He expressed relief that the arrest took place in the United States, as it prevented accusations of persecution against his administration.

AMLO praised the recovery of the peso against the dollar, attributing it to external factors and the favorable economic situation in Mexico. He rejected calls from other countries to avoid visiting Mexico due to concerns about violence.

The President celebrated the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation's decision not to grant an injunction preventing Gustavo Cárdenas Fuentes from paying taxes. He viewed this as a positive step that would prevent others from seeking similar protection. AMLO also highlighted a civil lawsuit against Genaro García Luna in a Florida court, where he is accused of money laundering, with an estimated amount of $600 million.

Contrary to claims by journalist Jorge Ramos, AMLO asserted that homicides have decreased by 17% during his administration compared to 2019. He also alleged that previous administrations, particularly under Felipe Calderón, had links with criminal organizations, describing it as a "narco-state."

AMLO addressed the issue of subsidies to the Mexican countryside, stating that small farmers were guaranteed fair prices for their production. He criticized big producers who wanted continued subsidies and stressed the importance of democratizing productive activities in Mexico.

Another crucial topic was the illegal extraction of energy, particularly the theft of LP gas. The President emphasized his administration's ongoing fight against fuel theft and mentioned the introduction of new regulations to treat this illicit act as a serious crime. He called on citizens to report any suspicious activities and urged them not to support those involved in fuel theft.

With his characteristic energy and animated delivery, AMLO covered a wide range of topics in his morning conference, providing valuable insights into his administration's stance on various issues.