The number of marriages in Mexico grew by 35% in 2021

In 2021, the INEGI reported that there were a total of 453 thousand 85 marriages registered in Mexico, which is an increase of 35% compared to the number of marriages recorded in 2020.

The number of marriages in Mexico grew by 35% in 2021
In 2021, there was a 35% increase in the number of marriages performed in Mexico. Photo by Drew Coffman / Unsplash

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) said that around 453 thousand 85 marriages were registered in Mexico in 2021, which is a 35% increase from 2020.

Nationally, the rate was 5.11 marriages per 1,000 inhabitants aged 18 or over, an increase of 1.29 units. During this same year (2021), 4,341 same-sex marriages were registered; 1,845 were between men, and 2,496 were between women.

More marriages in Mexico were registered in this state

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), Quintana Roo was the state with the highest rate of marriages, registering 8.01 marriages in 2021, followed by Campeche with 7.65 and Sinaloa with 7.36.

On the other hand, the states that presented the lowest rates of marriage were Mexico City (CDMX) with 2.80, Hidalgo with 3.44, and Chiapas and Puebla with 3.61, during the same period. 13.1% of couples decided to get married in December, making it the month with the highest number of marriages, followed by November and July with 9.2%.

What was the average age to get married in 2021?

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) explained that as time went by, the average age of getting married increased. Thus, during the previous year (2021), the average age of women at the time of marriage was 30.5 years old, while the average age of men was 33.4 years old.

In same-sex marriages, the age reported by men was 36.7 years and women's was 34.8 years. On the other hand, 43 marriages were recorded where at least one of the people getting married was a minor. Of these, 29.2% were in the state of Durango, which had the most minors getting married.

The economic activity of marriages in Mexico

Regarding the economic activity status, in 2021, 94.3% of men reported having a job at the time of marriage, while 54.5% of women presented the same condition. Among working couples, the main work position was that of an employee.