Marina Puerto Cancun and Events for the Public

Marina Puerto Cancun is committed to organizing events to attract the public. An average of 100,000 people visit the mall every week.

Marina Puerto Cancun and Events for the Public
Marina Puerto Cancun Shopping Complex, A Dedicated Mall for the Public. Photo: Marina Puerto Cancún

Rather than concentrating on sales, Marina Puerto Cancun has focused on bringing quality events of interest to tenants and tourists, to generate community and that automatically produces greater commercialization.

Ramón de la Fuente Deschamps, general director of the Marina Puerto Cancún shopping center, assured that since the reactivation of the destination began in June 2020, there has been a frank growth.

"We have put a lot of love into the project, detail was needed and above all to define our objective, which is to generate community and in that sense, we have been fulfilling the gastronomic offer, shopping, entertainment for the family and with that offer and a lot of love we have done many events," he said.

There are an average of 60 events registered throughout the year, of different sizes, which contribute to having a very full calendar, among which are concerts by the local Symphony, the Rosca record, exhibitions, the painting of skulls for the Day of the Dead and the three largest are the Mayan Rally, the Boat Show and now the Motosurf Championship, which was held last weekend.

"We are trying to bring innovative, differentiated events, so that people visit us, make this place part of their coexistence with the family and we are very proud of the achievements we have obtained with these works for the community", indicated Ramón de la Fuente Deschamps.

An average of 100 thousand people visit the shopping plaza weekly and the special events manage to increase this affluence by between 15 and 24 thousand more visitors, additional flows of people who did not even know the plaza.

He assured that when efforts are focused on selling there are many blockages, that is why they decided to focus on generating community, that people prefer them, come to the plaza, enjoy and that naturally generates sales and proof of this is that it is 40 percent above sales in 2019.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic, two major brands were lost: Best Buy and Lefties, but in both cases, they were corporate decisions to close nationally and internationally, respectively.

However, the executive assured us that they are already recovering, they have a wide gastronomic offer that has been pleasantly positioned and that captivates more and more visitors of Cancun, for all budgets and at all times.

He acknowledged that a couple of years ago, especially with the pandemic, there were very few tourists visiting the plaza, but with the reactivation and especially after the placement of stops in the hotel zone, every day there are more visitors.

"This has to do with the work of positioning and also in the accesses, a tourist had to walk three kilometers to get to the mall or take a cab of 500 to 700 pesos and now with the free access it is easier... I think a lot of progress has been made in the last two years", added de la Fuente Deschamps.