Who is Maria Jose Cristerna Mendez, the "Vampire" woman?

She is a Mexican woman with more body changes than any other Mexican woman in the world. María José is also known as the vampire woman.

Who is Maria Jose Cristerna Mendez, the "Vampire" woman?
María José Cristerna, the woman with the most body modifications in the world. Photos: Social media

María José Cristerna Méndez, the "Vampire" woman or the "Jaguar" woman as she is known in the media, is the Mexican woman with the most body changes in the world. According to the Guinness Book of Records, she has 96% of her body tattooed. A tremendous thing.

The native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, has done everything. From piercings on her face, subdermal titanium implants that simulate horns, eye tattoos, dental implants that look like fangs, a forked tongue surgery, ear expansions, and scarifications.

The horns of the "Vampire" woman were implanted without anesthesia and the fangs were done because when she was a child, she loved vampires, and the change in the color of her eyes, was because she imagined them differently. Cristerna Méndez says she feels like "the most beautiful woman in the world".

What is the professional facet of the "Vampire" woman?

This facet of her body also makes her a chameleon in the professional field. Besides the fact that the "Vampire" woman is a lawyer, a businesswoman, and a professional tattoo artist she owns her tattoo studio and a store where she sells her clothing line called "Vampire Women". Add to that an activist and a freak artist.

"They are things that I bring internally and it's my way of bringing the inside out," says the so-called 'Vampire Woman.
María José Cristerna has a total of 49 body modifications.
María José Cristerna has a total of 49 body modifications.

Why did the "Vampire" woman make changes to her body?

How did the "Vampire" woman come to have countless changes in her body? She says that her family is deeply Catholic and she studied in a religious school. When she fell in love and got married in white, she did it at the age of 17 because she felt lonely and her parents had been separated for a year and a half.

Her degree as a lawyer came because, as she narrates in several interviews, she wanted to make things right in her life and as it happens with many women. After a year of marriage, her husband mistreated her and when her fourth child was born, he abandoned her and she went to live alone with her children Silvana, Guillermo, Samantha, and Ismael.

What do the changes in the "Vampire" woman's body mean?

After having been a victim of domestic violence, the body changes of the "Vampire" woman signified a sign of strength, courage, and liberation in her life. That is the reason why she has so many tattoos and transformations because it is the story of her life taken to the skin, besides, as a tattoo artist, she enjoys this passion.

María José Cristerna Méndez, or the "Vampire" woman, attends international tattoo and body modification festivals and conventions in Colombia and Venezuela. She has also been a guest on several television shows and appears in National Geographic's documentary Taboo Latin America.

On her public figure account on Instagram, the "Vampire" woman boasts that she likes to perform physical training as a bodybuilder. Such is her fame that even Ripley's franchise, believe it or not! made her a statue in their museum, although there are others in countries like the United States, England, and Mexico.