Puerto Vallarta's Fisherman Faces the Jaws of Fate

Crocodile chaos in Puerto Vallarta as a fisherman loses an arm. But fear not, it's not all jaws and claws. The city invites you to capture its essence in the 2023 Photo Fiesta, dive into the Bay's waves, and savor the sips at the Brewmasters Beer Festival.

Puerto Vallarta's Fisherman Faces the Jaws of Fate
Sip, savor, repeat! Brewmasters Beer Festival transforms Hidalgo Park into a hoppy haven. Cheers to Puerto Vallarta's crafty delights!

Puerto Vallarta has had a week wilder than a tequila-fueled dance-off at Hidalgo Park. From crocodile calamities to cultural contests and aquatic adventures, this coastal gem is proving once again that life here is anything but ordinary.

Beware of the Crocodile Jaws

Just when you thought you could fish in peace, the crocs of Puerto Vallarta had other plans. In a shocking twist of events, a local fisherman found himself in a real-life episode of Crocodile Dundee when a 300-kilo, 4-meter monster decided it was arm-wrestling time. Spoiler alert: the crocodile won, leaving the poor fisherman a little shorter on one side. But fear not, dear readers, the rescue squad swooped in, captured the reptilian menace, and relocated it faster than you can say “¡Ay caramba!”