Major chaos in Chihuahua after alleged cartel hitmen shootout


According to the El Diario de Chihuahua, five dead, three injured, schools closed and shops damaged is the balance of the fray

Chihuahua Mexico crime
Chihuahua Mexico crime

A total of five people without life and three injured, including a child under five years of age, was the balance left by the armed confrontation that occurred in the Álvaro Obregón section, in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc, where terror and anguish It keeps the place desolate, since the inhabitants decided to stay in shelter to prevent any new confrontation.

Empty streets, closed schools and several million pesos in damages to businesses was the count of the damages that are perceived in this section, where the caps, the smoke and the worry is maintained between each one of the streets, because to say of the neighbours, it was a real hell of screams, detonations and bombs, those that were heard on the night of last Wednesday.

It all started when a convoy of approximately 30 trucks entered from the municipal seat, towards Álvaro Obregón, where they began firing at a group identified as Los Álvarez, who work for the Nuevo Cártel de Ciudad Juárez.

The gunmen of the New People of the Tiger were those who came to this section with the aim of annihilating the antagonistic group, who responded to bullets and was when the scuffle lasted for more than 30 minutes, where they left in their wake more than 20 damaged businesses with impacts of firearms. The events began on Avenida Cuauhtémoc, which is the main road of the town and were driving through several intersections, until they achieved the goal and killed several people and even innocent people are still hospitalized by this exchange of bullets, so they were transferred to the facilities of a hospital.

As they went by, they threw grenades at an outlet located at the entrance, which was consumed in the flames and received at least 200 hits from a firearm, as well as a billiard table in Plaza Sofia, where they threw grenades and made more than 100 gun detonations in the place.

The headquarters, a clinic, the high school, convenience stores, banks, commercial premises and a series of other businesses, were those that resulted in physical damage, which marked the passage of the gunmen who used different calibres, but mainly the known "horn" of the goat rifle".

In another incident, the mayor of Ignacio Zaragoza, Chihuahua, Antonio Quezada, was deprived of his liberty and then murdered by a group of armed individuals operating in that area of the State, as confirmed by the Attorney General's Office, hours after that locate the body of a man.

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