Madness and Mayhem Unleashed in Mexico!

Mexico reels from a series of violent incidents: 9 murders and burned in Toluca, explosive drone attacks in Apatzingán, public transport base assault in Benito Juarez, mayor detained over feminicide, and more. Amid the chaos, Marcelo Ebrard promises cutting-edge crime-fighting technology.

Madness and Mayhem Unleashed in Mexico!
Flames engulfed the Central de Abasto in Toluca as nine people were tragically murdered and burned in a horrifying attack.

In yet another wave of brutal violence, Mexico has been shaken by a series of horrifying incidents. From murders and attacks to public outrage and political promises, the country is grappling with a state of unrest. Let's delve into the twisted happenings that have unfolded.

The Central de Abasto Tragedy: Toluca's Morning Inferno

The Central de Abasto in Toluca became the setting for a ghastly crime. Around 2:00 a.m., a ruthless commando stormed into warehouse H, targeting a group of merchants. Armed with small firearms, they mercilessly shot the innocent victims and proceeded to douse their businesses in gasoline before setting them ablaze. Private security personnel failed to intervene, allowing the culprits to escape. The fire spread uncontrollably, claiming eight lives, while two others were rushed to the hospital. Tragically, one of the victims succumbed to their injuries while receiving medical attention.