Watch: Los Chapitos Shoot at US Drone From Mexican Border

A new video reveals Sinaloa Cartel members shooting at a US drone from the Mexican border, highlighting the cartel's control over the drug trade and the out-of-control state of the US-Mexico border. DEA seized 25 million fentanyl pills in Phoenix alone last year.

Watch: Los Chapitos Shoot at US Drone From Mexican Border
Los Chapitos captured shooting at US drone. Screenshot

A US journalist shared a video that shows how members of the Sinaloa Cartel shot at a US drone from the Mexican border.

According to Jaeson Jones, a border reporter, a private security firm captured the video, which depicts armed individuals wearing hoods.

People who look like they work for the security company watch them and say they are the "Chapitos."

"Is that the top of the mountain?" one of them asks, after which he receives an affirmative answer.

"Then there's Chapito's."

"He's trying to shoot over here," another is heard saying.

In the video, an agent refers to one of the armed men as just "a kid."

One of the alleged "Chapitos" is then seen firing.

According to Jones, who spoke to the far-right network Newsmax, to which he contributes, this is a Sinaloa Cartel base just 300 meters from the border.

"These Cartel members were firing into the United States at this drone," he said.

"When you think about lethal fentanyl or methamphetamine spilled into this country, the Sinaloans want control of certain parts so they can freely move lethal fentanyl into the country." "That's ground zero for fentanyl in the Arizona area."

According to Jones, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Phoenix seized 25 million fentanyl pills last year out of 55 million seized nationwide.

"We talk about migration all the time, but when you watch this video, you can see how out of control our border has become." "It's much broader than just migration," he said.

Video: 'Chapitos' allegedly fired at US drone.