Armando Aparicio Gallardo, the businessman from the south of the state, announced that the rural communities of Los Cabos have very peculiar conditions to develop ecotourism, offering tourists the experience of how the people live in the tranquility of nature and its folklore, however, he said that this development must be orderly and sustainable.

Tourism is an activity that leaves an integrated and inclusive economic spillover, benefiting society in general, however, due to the pandemic an awareness was created in terms of taking care of health and enduring stress, so it is rural tourism is something that today is convenient.

"We have very attractive and interesting towns in which each one has its history and its gastronomy, which is almost standardized and in which each delegation has its peculiarities, making it a calm destination, small towns in which guests can have a healthier recreation and live with the population, which is the most important thing".

The tourist will fully know the life experiences of the natives, the way they produce their economic, ecological and cultural system, they will share their lifestyle and that is fundamental in rural tourism, a potential that Los Cabos has and that is only a matter of developing.

"When you want to be a tourist destination and include rural areas in the tourism inventory package, we have to talk about the infrastructure, how the accesses to these communities will be, the way to market their products, the public services, what restaurants there are."

It is necessary to make an analysis and diagnosis to know what is missing and how to encourage, coordinate and link the population so that they have that infrastructure, as well as the capacity to be service providers, of course taking care of their visitors in their style.

It is important to work with the inhabitants of the rural zones, to sensitize them and prepare them for the tourist development in a responsible way, besides to have an orderly growth so that the towns of Los Cabos continue with that ecological attraction that catches the visitor.

To make this market segment a reality, businessmen, authorities, and residents must work together on how tourism would develop in these communities; it is also necessary to reactivate the primary sectors such as livestock and agriculture with the support of federal authorities so that the entire development process is integral.

Source: Tribuna de Los Cabos