Los Cabos Airport users increase by 13%

In January and February of this year, the days with the most operations were Saturday and Sunday, with an average of 155 and 139 flights.

Los Cabos Airport users increase by 13%
Private aircraft. Photo by John McArthur / Unsplash

Los Cabos International Airport ranks third among the country's air terminals in terms of the number of people who use it as a departure or destination point, and in this section, it reaches connectivity of 11.2%, being surpassed by the air terminal of Tijuana, BC, which registered 18.9%.

This terminal is under the administration of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP), and in this regard, the board indicated that as of February 2022, it served almost 500 thousand passengers, a figure that represents a growth of 13.7%, about the number of people, served in the same period but 2019.

As the municipality of Los Cabos has a great dynamic in the arrival of visitors, this is the most important connection point and during 2021, it closed the year with the arrival of almost 5.6 million passengers, a figure similar to that reached in 2019, before the health crisis was recorded.

Regarding the number of domestic passengers, we have that the accumulated obtained from January to December 2019, was one million 919 thousand passengers and in 2021, there were 2 million 20 thousand; while during 2020, the year in which the greatest effects of the pandemic were felt, the figure was 1 million 215 thousand tourists.

As for the comparison in international passengers, from January to December 2019, 3 million 693 thousand people were served and in 2021, 3 million 529 thousand arrived, while in 2020 the figure was 1 million 848 thousand. The number of seats available during December 2021 increased by 23.9% compared to December 2020 and the occupancy factor increased from 67.5% in December 2020 to 76.4 in December 2021.

In terms of expansion, the group makes periodic investments and in the current year, it has a plan of 273 million pesos (MDP) and within the general investment plan for the period 2020 to 2024, approximately 1,600 MDP are applied, of which close to 500 million are destined to infrastructure.

In terms of biosecurity measures and protocols that provide passengers with confidence, all GAP airports are Safe Travels certified by the World Travel Council, and the group was the first in the world to obtain the Airport Health Accreditation Programme (AHA) certification and recertification granted by the Airports Council International (ACI), an institution with a presence in 183 countries, with around 2,000 member airports.

The average monthly operations in 2019 (Jan-Feb) were 3335 and in 2022 (Jan-Feb) were 3875. That is, there are 16.2% more operations than in the accumulated 2019 (Jan-Feb).

The months with more operations are January, July, and December, being vacation periods, it was also March and April for spring break and Easter 2019 and in 2021 the summer and winter seasons were better, representing more operations in August and November, in this 2022 could reach the record of more than 45 thousand foreign students from the United States as the main market of this destination and close March with the presence of more than 350 thousand tourists, it is estimated to be receiving more than 12 thousand passengers per day.

In January and February of this year, the day with more operations was Saturday, followed by Sunday, with an average of 155 and 139 flights respectively.

Currently, 70% of private aviation arrive at this airport.

The best-connected airlines providing service are Alaska (9 destinations), South West (9 destinations), and American Airlines (8 destinations). The most recent is JetBlue which began operations in June 2021; Flair began operations in February 2022; Swoop in March 2020, although due to the pandemic it had few operations and resumed in January 2022. In addition, these two airlines return after not having operated during the pandemic: Frontier returns in March and Spirit in May 2021 after not having flown since 2019 and as of June 20, the first direct flight from Spain arrives.

In March 2022, 39 flights from Canada will arrive, five a day, when the restrictions of the Canadian government to fly to this country will be lifted, this tourism stays in the destination for at least 11 days so the revenue generated is around 3200 dollars per day, distributed in various expenses among which are the lodging that has an average cost of 460 dollars per night.