Hurricane season continues in Los Cabos

The best course of action to take during hurricane season in Los Cabos is to take preventative measures, as this will allow you to avoid taking any unnecessary risks. Learn more about the subject.

Hurricane season continues in Los Cabos
Los Cabos could be hit by a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean. Image by RUBEN EDUARDO ORTIZ MORALES from Pixabay

September is the month with the most hydrometeorological events, so people should be ready for any natural disasters that could be coming and could affect the area.

The fire department in Cabo San Lucas is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, attentive to weather changes. They recommend citizens stay alert and forewarned because Los Cabos is a place where some of its streets are streambeds and abundant water comes down when it rains, becoming dangerous.

There are also settlements where families are at risk because they are in stream beds, where a lot of water comes down even if it does not rain in the town. If it rains in the higher areas, the water comes down without prior notice, so they must have a safe route to a temporary shelter opened by the authorities, with neighbors or relatives with whom they can take shelter.

Likewise, as commented by Commander Juan Antonio Carvajal Figueroa, Los Cabos, due to its geographic condition, is in the path of storms and hurricanes, so people who have lived in the municipality for years are forewarned and know what to do before, during, and after the impact of a hurricane.

It is worth mentioning that those who are arriving at their destination do not know where the water is coming down, or which streets are dangerous for motorists to cross. It is better to wait for the water level to go down and cross more safely, to reach their destination with their loved ones.

The work carried out by the fire department in collaboration with the authorities has so far yielded magnificent results with the support, transfer, and rescue of people living in at-risk areas.