The cyclonic intensity of the 2021 season in the Pacific will begin to decrease in intensity until the first week of October, since this September 15 the highest peak has already passed, however, it is not discarded that for the month of November there will be another tropical cyclone, this was announced by Jorge Alberto Garza Cossío, founder and director of Metmex Baja California Sur, during his participation in the Grupo Madrugadores de Los Cabos.

He informed that the cyclonic season ends on November 30, but the maximum peak has already passed, but we must not forget that we are still in the season since there are records of hurricanes in the Pacific at the end of November or until December, but with a different trajectory towards the continental massif, in the coasts of Jalisco, which hardly reach the mid-peninsula.

He mentioned that a cyclone was forecast to form this week between September 14 and 17, but according to the last change, the rain remained over the state of Jalisco and there was another possible cyclone for October 5, but this probability was moved to October 14 or 15, He reiterated that this is a cyclone that can form in the Pacific and there is still not a well-defined trajectory, but it could impact (with a margin of error) between Lopez Mateos and Todos Santos, reiterating that this is a forecast that can change, there is still a month to go and he also reiterated that rains are expected at the end of October in the autumn transition.

He also mentioned that there will be the effect of the La Niña phenomenon which is expected to enter next month with temperatures below normal in the Pacific area and this translates into a lack of rain and drought in the area of Los Cabos.

That is to say, he reiterated, the drought pattern will be repeated in the fall and winter and there will be temperatures below average for Los Cabos and Baja California Sur, with this for the winter warmer than normal temperatures are expected and there will be a fairly strong cold front that will leave frost in the north of the municipality, but not as a normal period.

He mentioned that after 14 years of founding Metmex in Baja California Sur, there has been a lot of learning about how to reach the population so they can be informed in an accessible way and the way in which one sees the fruits in the sense when a forecast is made and that people really read it and say thank you because you saved me and helped me:

"I have been learning as I go along how to know my destination as the city where I live, understand the people and their needs, that is the learning I have had," he concluded.