Los Cabos stands out as a gastronomic destination

A study conducted by the Los Cabos Tourism Trust revealed that 13% of the total number of tourists visiting the destination come exclusively for the gastronomic offerings of the city.

Los Cabos stands out as a gastronomic destination
Pastry. Photo by Vic Padilla / Unsplash

Gastronomy has become one of the main reasons to visit Los Cabos. According to a study conducted by the Fideicomiso de Turismo (Fiturca) of Los Cabos, 13% of visitors coming to Los Cabos during 2021, do so exclusively for the great gastronomic offer it has.

Rodrigo Esponda, director of Fiturca, highlighted that last year 350 thousand travelers came to the destination exclusively to know and taste the great variety of restaurants that the destination has; highlighting that this market has a higher average expenditure of almost double, compared to a normal tourist.

"It is very important we ourselves were just surprised in that study we just conducted, 13% of travelers who came in 2021, expressed that the main reason they decided to come to Los Cabos, was gastronomy. Above golf, fishing or another travel trend, gastronomy was the first; then there were 350 thousand travelers who had a higher average expenditure and stay longer, perform other types of activities."

Something characteristic of this visitor is that he is repetitive, for this reason, the Los Cabos Tourism Trust is carrying out specific promotional campaigns to attack that market niche. Canadian tourists from the west coast of the United States, are the main diners who have become more interested in the great gastronomic offer of the destination.

"So they tend to return to the destination; this is very interesting data and for that reason, we are focusing our marketing campaigns to take advantage of the gastronomy in those travelers where gastronomy is being a factor. Highlighting that we have great places that offer a very interesting level of gastronomy."

Culinary Awards is an event aimed specifically at giving greater prominence to the gastronomy of Los Cabos, which seeks to recognize and give greater exposure to all restaurants in the destination. For the 2022 edition alone, more than 100 restaurants are expected to participate, which will be rated by diners and world-renowned chefs who seek to reward the best of Cabo's cuisine explained event organizer Linda Mchatton.

"For me, it is very important because this way we can invite all the restaurants to sign up and be part of the Culinary Awards; above all that they participate and have the diffusion that we offer. This will give them a tremendous diffusion throughout the year and they will be able to use the different platforms that we have throughout the year to promote their different restaurants".

All restaurants, bars, hotels, and chefs interested in participating in the event can register for free at www.culinary-awards.com. It is worth mentioning that this year we will seek to recognize even more the regional cuisine of Southern California, so participants must capture the essence of this cuisine in each of their participating dishes, concluded Linda Mchatton.