Julio Cesar Chavez gives Canelo Alvarez advice to beat Golovkin

Canelo Alvarez has been provided with a "winning tip" by Julio Cesar Chavez, as the "Champ" has provided him with a potential strategy that will allow him to defeat Gennady Golovkin.

Julio Cesar Chavez gives Canelo Alvarez advice to beat Golovkin
Canelo Alvarez is given advice by Julio Cesar Chavez on how to defeat Gennady Golovkin. Credit: Wikipedia

We are just a few days away from one of the most exciting fights to take place, as Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin fight for the third time, where the Mexican has received advice from an authoritative voice, as Julio Cesar Chavez gave a possible key to come out with the victory. Julio Cesar Chavez is a boxing legend, not only in Mexico but worldwide, so every piece of advice that comes from the 'Champ' should be taken into account for Canelo Alvarez to achieve the goal of coming out on top in this third confrontation.

Speaking in front of the Azteca Deportes cameras, the 'Cesar of Boxing' gave a possible key for Saul Alvarez to remain unified champion at 168 pounds, as he believes that constant pressure and power punches in the soft zone are the best. Julio Cesar Chavez knows that age may be a factor that may work against Gennady Golovkin, besides his physical condition may not be at its best, so tiring him and weakening him, would be essential for Canelo to win.

"I think, in particular, that Canelo should go to the front, harass Gennady Golovkin, whose age is starting to weigh him down, he is already 40 years old. I think Canelo, with his strength, knows how to box much better than Gennady Golovkin, so he should force him to tire him out, hit the body so that the head falls on its own," said 'Champ'.

The rivalry between Canelo Alvarez and 'GGG' is one of the most important in boxing today, so we'll see what these boxers surprise us with. You will be able to see this top-level fight on Saturday, September 17.