"La Gorda" Arrested in Puebla's Cementos Atoyac Neighborhood

Read about the recent arrest of "La Gorda" in the Cementos Atoyac neighborhood of Puebla, wanted by U.S. authorities for drug trafficking. Learn how the cooperation of multiple agencies led to the successful apprehension of the suspect.

"La Gorda" Arrested in Puebla's Cementos Atoyac Neighborhood
Drug Trafficker "La Gorda" Apprehended in Puebla's Cementos Atoyac Neighborhood. Credit: SSP

Jorge Alberto S., also known as "La Gorda", was apprehended in the Cementos Atoyac neighborhood, west of the city of Puebla, according to a statement released by the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) on Monday. The arrest was made possible through the cooperation of the SSP, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), and the Secretariat of the Navy.

Jorge Alberto S. was not only sought after by federal authorities but also had an outstanding arrest warrant for extradition to the United States. The detainee was reportedly involved in the illegal trafficking of drugs from the southern part of Mexico to the United States.

"The exchange of information between the three agencies made it possible to determine that Jorge Alberto S. was in Puebla territory, so they implemented an operation in the Cementos Atoyac neighborhood that led to his arrest in recent days," said the SSP.

Following his arrest, Jorge Alberto S. was transferred to a judge in Mexico City, where his legal situation will be determined.