AMLO Slams Jewelry Store Heist and Declares Honesty as the Ultimate Security System

Catch up on the latest from AMLO's morning conference. From addressing Army detentions to criticizing the jewelry store robbery, AMLO shines through. Stay informed.

AMLO Slams Jewelry Store Heist and Declares Honesty as the Ultimate Security System
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) addressing the audience during his morning conference.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) kicked off his morning conference today with a series of announcements and remarks covering a range of topics. With his characteristic straightforwardness, AMLO addressed pressing issues, from the preventive detention of Army members to the recent robbery of a jewelry store. Let's dive into the highlights.

AMLO began by expressing his administration's commitment to shed light on the facts surrounding the preventive detention of Army members and the withdrawal of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) in the Ayotzinapa Case. Emphasizing the importance of accountability, he stated, "Our Army is a uniformed people, not like that of other countries. It was being simulated, and now we are getting to know what happened. There will be no impunity for anyone."

In a bold move, AMLO criticized the recent jewelry store robbery in Mexico City, highlighting the failure of guards to be present despite the presence of state-of-the-art surveillance cameras. He candidly remarked, "It may be the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology, but if there is no honesty, it is useless."

When questioned about a possible agreement with criminal groups, AMLO dismissed the notion and stressed the need to address the root causes of violence. He asserted, "No one can be harmed, and they cannot use young people to commit illicit acts." In his usual fashion, he shared his belief that circumstances, rather than inherent badness, lead individuals toward antisocial behavior.

Turning his attention to the ex-employees of Mexicana Airlines, AMLO discussed the ongoing legal disputes. While the Federal Government had intended to buy the brand and provide restitution to the affected workers, some lawyers representing a portion of the employees refused to withdraw their lawsuits. AMLO expressed his frustration, questioning, "When are they going to be able to sell the brand?" He urged the workers and their representatives to reconsider their actions, emphasizing the harm they could cause to their colleagues.

Shifting gears, AMLO revealed that the Secretariat of the Navy would assume control of the Mexico City Airport, aiming to prevent any drug trafficking influence. He condemned the previous laxity in dealing with drug traffickers and called out those who turned a blind eye, suggesting that some of them are now part of the conservative block. Furthermore, he announced that the Secretary of the Navy would also oversee other airports in Ciudad del Carmen, Ciudad Obregón, and Guaymas.

In anticipation of the upcoming presidential elections, AMLO assured his supporters that there would be no setbacks or ruptures within Morena, his political party. He affirmed that he has no favorite candidate, stating, "People want the transformation to continue, and I will support whoever wins in the poll to replace me as the leader of the transformation movement." Acknowledging the democratic process, he added, "It is legitimate for conservatives and oligarchs to have their candidate."

Not shying away from criticizing his opposition, AMLO accused them of "trafficking with poverty" and revealed that he would soon unveil the candidate they intend to promote for the next presidential elections. With a touch of wry humor, he remarked, "Maybe there are some who do not know it, but most of them already know it, and they are participating because they want to be plurinominal."

The conference also included invitations to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Morena's triumph in the Presidency, to be held in the capital's Zócalo on July 1st. AMLO extended his invitation with enthusiasm, hoping for a rain-free celebration and promising a great time for all attendees.

Addressing recent media controversies, AMLO called for the recognition of independent journalism while criticizing what he sees as biased and corrupt practices among conventional media outlets. He expressed his support for citizens to become media themselves, allowing for a more diverse and objective narrative.

Lastly, in the "Who's Who in Lies of the Week" segment, AMLO's spokesperson, Ana Elizabeth García Vilchis, debunked various claims. She clarified that allegations of AMLO's government authorizing a millionaire payment to companies linked to García Luna were false, as those funds were granted during past administrations. She also refuted reports of a member of the National Guard shooting at a driver and denied an alleged energy crisis propagated by Reforma newspaper.