Video: Members of the CJNG cartel captured in a Veracruz carnival parade

Suspected members of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation were captured parading armed and hooded at a carnival in Veracruz.

Video: Members of the CJNG cartel captured in a Veracruz carnival parade
A man who managed to escape from a safe house to which he was lured with a deceptive job offer reveals the truth about the CJNG. Image: Social media

A convoy of around 20 SUVs belonging to the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) was captured parading during the Carnival Mixtequilla of allegorical cars of the state of Veracruz on the night of March 14. The video of the disconcerting event began to circulate on social networks, in which the vehicles are observed parading with hooded individuals carrying firearms on board. When questioned about their null action in this regard, security elements responded in a statement:

"While we were on a prevention and surveillance tour on board the SPM-045 unit, with seven elements in support of the traditional Mixtec Carnival, a convoy of approximately 28 vehicles with men armed with heavy-gauge weapons was present on board and with the acronym CJNG ".

Being outnumbered and armed, the authorities would have dedicated themselves only to safeguarding the citizens who were present. This fact occurs in the middle of an intensified wave of violence that has been going through the state for weeks.

How Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación recruits assassins on Facebook

A man who was deprived of his liberty with the deception of a supposed job in a "security" company, which in reality kidnaps people to turn them into hit men of the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación, managed to escape and revealed the truth about the supposed way how the capos operate. The way the bosses operate is through websites and social networks like Facebook and Whatsapp. They put false vacancies of security companies or escorts, where they take advantage of recruiting assassins for their purposes.

The testimony of a man identified as Luis points to 'El Sapo' or 'El 90' (whose real name is Hugo Gonzalo Mendoza Gaytán) as the person in charge of the 'hiring' processes. He has been the regional head of Tabasco and Veracruz, which is why he is the right arm of 'El Mencho', the leader of the cartel.

"When I ran away, I went far because I knew that wherever they saw me, they would kill me. I thought that if I went directly to the Government they would take me to the cartel. And after a while it came to light in the news that someone was in the same situation as me and was encouraged to speak; and then I said that my goal in escaping from above was to try to give peace and tranquility to those people who lost track of their loved ones. Many of them are the people that I saw being burned; and that no one of their relatives realized how they died and how they disappeared unless I spoke. Then I will risk to tell my story; and bring a little peace to their families and do not continue to hope that they will find them. It was that I contacted the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office and told them that I was also deprived of my freedom in the Sierra de Navajas by the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel (CJNG). And that I could identify 17 disappeared people that I saw with my own eyes die in the hands of our captors ".

The man, after being excited about a new job, never imagined that he would be deprived of his freedom.

"When they contacted me for work, I asked if everything was legal. "Look, if it was illegal, we did not send you to training so you can carry a gun. Do not worry, everything will be legal. " I said: 'Hey, but everything will be fine? I have my mom sick and I need communication with her. ' That's when Mario told me, that he would recommend me. I grabbed a taxi to the peripheral. In 10 minutes a car arrived. They asked me if my name was Luis. I told them yes. I got on and we went for another boy, then we got into a very messy place. A güero (a man) with a beard came out, little chinito hair, chubby, with green eyes, now I know his name is Ignacio. Two women came out to say goodbye, they did not leave the entrance until we left. I saw the driver nervous, smoking one cigarette after another. I talked to him and he told me that he had barely worked for a week, but that he had not been paid for previous trips. It was the first in May. They left us on the road and there a pick-up arrived with three other boys who came from the State of Mexico. One had a false eye, another was thin with a false leg and the third was chubby with a lock of hair that came out of his forehead. The driver was a dirty fat guy who ordered us to get into the box. On the way we learned that the five of us had been on WhatsApp the previous day and had been contacted through job boards to which we registered on Facebook for the work of escort or security guard for 4,000 pesos a week. It was very attractive for my needs."

Source: Radio Formula