Iztapasauria will be the new Jurassic park in Mexico City and although it is still under construction, it will soon open its doors to receive hundreds of visitors who want to learn all about dinosaurs. The park will be located inside the Santa Cruz Meyehualco sports center in the Iztapalapa district and best of all, it will be public, so admission will be free.

Iztapasauria will be a park set as a Jurassic jungle, in the purest Hollywood movie style, as there will even be giant dinosaurs. It is estimated that it will house 13 incredible dinosaurs of different species, which will not only be able to move but also roar like a real one, as well as plants and everything necessary to set the scene and simulate their natural habitat.

Among the giant prehistoric animals that we can find in Iztapasauria are the Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and of course the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex. As if all this were not enough, inside the UTOPIA space in the Santa Cruz Meyehualco sports center there will also be a velodrome, a gymnasium, an Olympic swimming pool, an auditorium, a music school, and a daycare center for the elderly.