Isla Mujeres cuisine at a glance

In addition to having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Isla Mujeres also has an exquisite cuisine that will be an exquisite experience for your palate.

Isla Mujeres cuisine at a glance
Isla Mujeres. Photo by Katrina Julia / Unsplash

Arriving at Isla Mujeres is where all travelers find their second home. It could be said that it is love at first sight, because of the Caribbean charms and natural beauty of the island it is impossible to get rid of it.

Located off the coast of Cancun, on an area of 7.5 kilometers (4,6 miles) long and an average of 500 meters (0.3 miles) wide, Isla Mujeres has much to offer. It has a hotel infrastructure with facilities from one to five stars, as well as interesting favorite boutique hotels for travelers with refined tastes.

The island offers restaurants specializing in international and regional cuisine, bars where you can listen to trova and island rhythms, beach clubs, marinas, swim with dolphins, turtle farm, and a host of things to discover. Strolling through the center is to discover a pleasant main square, several craft shops, a cultural center, and a picturesque church. The most common means of transport are golf carts, which can be rented to walk along the whole island.

Food and drink

Isla Mujeres, in its culinary traditions, denotes clear influences of Yucatan cuisine and by its geographical circumstance, its insular condition, what abound are dishes created with sea products. For example, the most important specialty of the island is the delicious fish Tikin-Xik, which is cooked to the embers, after being bathed in achiote sauce. Another of the most popular dishes in Isla Mujeres is the ceviche de caracol (snail ceviche).

A good recommendation to taste these rich stews, in Isla Mujeres, is the restaurant Chen Huaye, where you can taste delicious specialties with the real seasoning of Yucatan cuisine. In the downtown area of Isla Mujeres, there are different restaurants where you can taste lobsters and fish prepared to the customer's taste and other dishes that derive from traditional Yucatan cuisine, such as chirmole, pipián, papadzul, black stuffing, and cochinita pibil.

You should not miss, during a gastronomic exploration of Isla Mujeres, the fish baked underground, since, in addition to being delicious to the palate, it is interesting to know the stages of preparation. These are ways of cooking that, in addition to a great exoticism, denote the immense cultural richness that characterizes Yucatan.