Puerto Vallarta, one of the safest places in Mexico

The constant work between different agencies and governmental organizations has resulted in Puerto Vallarta maintaining a good perception throughout the community.

Puerto Vallarta, one of the safest places in Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, one of the safest places in Mexico. Photo: Wallpaperflare.com

According to the National Urban Public Safety Survey (ENSU) conducted by INEGI, Puerto Vallarta is positioned for another year in the Top 10 of the safest places in Mexico, due to the excellent perception of the locals about the environment in the community.

Puerto Vallarta is constantly working to remain a safe city, where inhabitants and visitors can coexist in a positive and hospitable environment, and thus enjoy the great benefits offered by this important tourist destination of the Mexican Pacific.

Just a few weeks ago the Secretary of the Navy, the Government of the State of Jalisco and the municipality of Puerto Vallarta signed a coordination and collaboration agreement, which will allow for the establishment of joint actions in matters of public safety, for which SEMAR will maintain an effective presence by carrying out operations to increase the confidence of visitors and citizens in this destination.

Puerto Vallarta has different security agencies that take care of different cases in a timely manner, such as the "Pink Patrols" that primarily attend to reports of violence against women, however, they also assist in situations related to domestic aggressions. There are also "Green" units focused on environmental issues and animal protection.

This important inclusive tourist destination also has a liaison office with the expatriate community, considered one of the largest in the country. This module is staffed by bilingual personnel, who offer consultations, procedures, and attention to complaints about this group of foreigners who live permanently in the city and contribute to the well-being of Puerto Vallarta as well as to its economic and cultural development.

Another component of inclusion, hospitality, and respect is the office for the LGBTQ+ community, located in the Romantic Zone of the city, which is added to the services offered by NGOs such as SETAC A.C. Furthermore, the World's Friendliest City has 12 customer service modules where all visitors will be supported by bilingual experts, who are in charge of providing guidance and legal assistance if requested.

The entire tourist strip from north to south has a large team of tourist police officers trained to help travelers in case of adverse situations or doubts in the destination, which will make their visit to Puerto Vallarta more pleasant and safe.

Puerto Vallarta is a reliable destination in matters of biosecurity

The municipal government placed filters at strategic points throughout the tourist zone to remind visitors and locals of the mandatory use of masks and those who do not wear them will be given one as a gift. Likewise, mention will be made of all the biosecurity measures that are applied in the city to raise awareness, among other strategies.

All tourist establishments will be constantly inspected to ensure that the protocols are carried out in their entirety. Those who do not abide by these regulations will be subject to the suspension of their activities by means of closing down notices.

Vaccination in Puerto Vallarta is progressing positively, starting this Friday with the inoculation of adults over 18 years of age in which up to 64,400 doses will be applied, with this action practically the entire adult population of the tourist destination will be vaccinated.