Interjet offers to pay and acknowledges that it has no funds


Interjet anticipated that they expect to pay at least three weeks to their workers this week, although Alejandro del Valle, an investor in the airline, acknowledged that they have no funds.

Interjet offers to pay for 3 quarters; acknowledges that it has no funds. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Interjet offers to pay for 3 quarters; acknowledges that it has no funds. Image: Wikimedia Commons

"I hope that between today and tomorrow we will pay a fortnight, because we do not have funds and this week I hope we will leave with at least three fortnights (paid), but we give unfulfilled promises because of the lack of flow, a company with 5 thousand employees cannot walk with four planes, it cannot," assured Alejandro del Valle, one of the new owners and investors of Interjet.

From a ladder and with a megaphone in hand, the investor told the airline workers, who demonstrated in the vicinity of the company's corporate headquarters, that the situation of the company is complicated due to the lack of resources and the embargo by the authorities of the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Del Valle indicated that Interjet is making an effort to add 16 aircraft to its fleet and thus increase the capacity that would allow it to attract more passengers.

However, scarce resources - and the threat of SAT freezing the promised investment of $150 million - have not helped to improve the company's precarious financial conditions, which have its employees with four weeks of unpaid wages.

"We are making efforts to bring equipment, to be able to fly, there is a possibility, we asked for 16 teams, we can not bring them because of lack of flow, there is the possibility that we bring the first three," said the investor.

According to section 15 of the Mexican Workers' Confederation (CTM), Del Valle and Carlos Cabal are already the new owners of the airline, of which the Alemán family retains a minimum percentage of shares.

"Over there (the Germans) have a part of the shares, but it's minimal. The one in control is Alejandro del Valle with a group of foreign investors, among them, Carlos Cabal, is a financial group," revealed Humberto Flores, advisor to the union that represents Interjet's employees.

A couple of months ago, Interjet announced the investment of 150 million dollars to improve the finances of the company, although, this capital injection did not happen because SAT could take those resources to cover the debts that the company maintains.

"The answer is that there is no money because they have seized all the assets, including the shares, investors are afraid to come to a company where the shares are seized," emphasized Flores.

On the other hand, Interjet workers demand the payment of their salaries, as well as the regularization of benefits such as Infonavit, social security, among other concepts contemplated in their collective bargaining agreement.

"We have not been paid for four weeks now. Since September they have not paid us, they owe us 4 months of vouchers, a lot of things, uniforms, all the benefits from the IMSS, Fonacot, Infonavit are not being paid since March," said an Interjet employee from the Major Maintenance department who preferred to remain anonymous.

On Tuesday night, authorities from the Ministries of the Interior, Communications, and Transportation, as well as the Treasury are expected to meet with workers, the company's shareholders, and the union to resolve the labor conflict.