Inside Yareli Acevedo's Training Regimen for Hong Kong's Velodrome Challenge

Follow Yareli Acevedo Mendoza, champion cyclist, on her quest for Olympic glory. With unwavering determination and the support of CONADE, she prepares to conquer the velodrome in Hong Kong, eyeing Paris 2024 with dreams of podium triumph.

Inside Yareli Acevedo's Training Regimen for Hong Kong's Velodrome Challenge
Yareli Acevedo Mendoza, champion cyclist, prepares to conquer the velodrome in Hong Kong. Credit: CONADE

The champion cyclist in the omnium event of the Pan American Games Santiago 2023, Yareli Acevedo Mendoza is preparing to face a new challenge in the second Nations Cup of the International Cycling Union (UCI), to be held in Hong Kong, China from March 15 to 17, searching for earning points for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In an interview with the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE), the athlete commented: “It has been a very long preparation, full of hard work and rest periods. After the first World Cup, we knew exactly where we were and that helped us a lot to know where we could improve, our areas of opportunity and be able to continue in the best way to the second event of the series”.

During the final stage of her preparation at the Centro Nacional de Desarrollo de Talentos Deportivos y Alto Rendimiento (CNAR), a complex belonging to CONADE, Yareli Acevedo explained that she will improve her performance on the track. “It will be hard, there will be different levels and runners; in the end, with the same goal of putting Mexico at the top, the expectation is always to give the best of me and be among the best”.

“A much better version of me. Those who know me know that I give one hundred percent and that I literally leave everything on the track; I will always give my best for my country, I will put it at the top. I have improved a lot and I know the world peloton, so I can develop very well,” he added.

The two-bronze medalist at the José Bento Pessoa and Alves Barbosa International Track Trophy, held in Portugal in December last year, will compete on the Asian continent in the omnium, elimination, and team pursuit events. “Currently, Mexico is not in the Olympic qualification, it is being tried, but it is not impossible.”

“It is a quota where the best is required, since it is a very complicated test, the most complete of the runners is the one who must run; however, I think it is possible in the absence of two World Cups and a Pan American championship,” he said.

Since her stage as a youth, the native of Mexico City, was raised to reach her first Olympic Games in Paris 2024, a desire that has not ceased to feed. “I hope to get the place and then fight for the ticket to be for me and I will be very happy”.

“Since I can remember and since I started watching the Olympic Games, it has been my dream; now I want to get there and not only go to participate or get a diploma but really fight to be on the podium and for that historic medal,” shared the runner-up in the omnium event of the Junior Pan American Games Cali-Valley 2021.

Finally, the Mexican rider, who trains under the direction of professor Edmundo Alpízar, expressed her gratitude to the commission for being part of her preparation process during this period. “Thank you very much to CONADE for all the support, for lending me their facilities and believe me that to pay them back would be to give them my best effort and put Mexico at the top”.

“I am deeply grateful for their support in all the events, because we have always had their backing one hundred percent, in all the trips and thanks to the institution we have been able to attend all the world cups that are part of the Olympic qualification process; I thank the CNAR because it has been my second home, also its gym and facilities are incredible, first class and thanks to this I have been able to improve a lot,” she concluded.