In communication with society, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), through its representation in BCS, announced that almost half of the population surveyed in the state feels unsafe when they go to an ATM installed on public roads, approximately 42.9%.

This information was gathered during the National Public Safety Survey (ENSU) conducted in September 2021, carried out in September of this year. This exercise showed that in the municipality of Los Cabos, the percentage of feelings of insecurity in an ATM is lower, at 32.5%.

It is striking that the perception is higher in the municipality of La Paz, where 30% of those surveyed said they felt unsafe in a bank and in the same proportion, said they did not feel safe in a recreational park 30%, remember that in many neighborhoods of the capital they are unlit, neglected and are occupied late at night by people without a job.

The ENSU also revealed that 29% of people feel insecure in the streets they usually travel, that is, while traveling the streets they commonly take to go from home to work, to school, to the errand and back, people have a slight feeling of insecurity.

This information and other data collected from the survey are a useful guide for authorities to know in which areas security efforts should be focused.