Hurricane Lisa becomes a tropical storm and heads for Guatemala

Hurricane Lisa will make landfall in Guatemala after bringing torrential rainfall and winds to Belize and will dissipate by Friday in the Bay of Campeche in Mexico.

Hurricane Lisa becomes a tropical storm and heads for Guatemala
Hurricane Lisa has weakened and is now a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 95 km/h; its center is located across the border of Belize and Guatemala.

Hurricane Lisa will arrive this Thursday to the north of Guatemala as a tropical storm after impacting Belize as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 140 kilometers per hour. According to a note from the National Hurricane Center (NHC), hurricane Lisa made landfall on Wednesday at the mouth of the Sibun River near Belize City with heavy rains, winds, and storm surge and around 19 h (local time) were moving westward at 19 kph.

Recent reports indicate that it could reach Guatemalan territory at any moment through the Petén region, with sustained winds of 95 kilometers per hour and a tropical storm category. All of Belize and a stretch of Mexico's southeastern coast, from Chetumal to Puerto Costa Maya, are under a hurricane alert due to hurricane Lisa. The tropical storm warning for the Bay Islands and the northern coast of Honduras was lifted by the government.

Hurricane Lisa is expected to continue moving westward to cross Guatemala and a sector of Mexico until it empties into the Gulf of Campeche, where it will assume an erratic path and become a tropical depression by the end of next Friday until it dissipates. This is the sixth hurricane to affect the Caribbean region this year.

Hurricane Lisa leaves severe flooding after passing through Belize.