How to spend a weekend in Guadalajara

Guadalajara always has something to discover, so if you are a tourist or you are from Guadalajara, here we tell you what to do on a weekend without spending too much.

How to spend a weekend in Guadalajara
Historic Center of Guadalajara. Photo by Jose Juan / Unsplash

Guadalajara is a city that has different activities for all tastes, from appreciating historical monuments, visiting museums, or trying a "nieve de garrafa" in the magical town of Tlaquepaque.

Tour the Historic Center of Guadalajara

The center of Guadalajara has several iconic buildings such as the Plaza de Armas which is considered the main square, with a kiosk in the center that was sent by Porfirio Diaz as a gift for the 99th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, so starting the tour with this square could be a good start.

The Cathedral can be a second stop, to appreciate a construction that was made in 1561, now it is a representative construction of the city and seat of the Archdiocese. The official name of the construction is Catedral Basílica de la Asunción de María Santísima and you can find remains of people who fought in the Cristero War and were beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1992.

Next to the Cathedral, you can appreciate the Degollado Theater, which is a construction of 1856 and a precinct of the neoclassic period and is considered one of the best conservatories in Latin America. The façade of the place represents the God Apollo accompanied by the nine muses, with the legend 'May the rumor of discord never arrive'.

Visiting the Cabañas Museum

The Cabañas Museum, which was formerly a hospice for homeless children, is now a place where you can appreciate changing art exhibitions, in addition to the largest exhibition of the painter José Clemente Orozco with 57 frescoes, among which is the Man of Fire in the dome of the museum. The Cabañas Museum is considered the Sistine Chapel of the Americas, according to the Mexican government.

Go to the San Juan de Dios Market

If after walking, you are thirsty or hungry, you can go to Mercado Libertad, better known as Mercado San Juan de Dios, to fill your stomach at some of the market's establishments, such as Las Tortas Locas, which are famous among the locals for their size and flavor.

In the San Juan de Dios market, you can find a diversity of products such as food, cell phones, backpacks, traditional toys, clothes, and typical huaraches, typical sweets, so this place can be an opportunity to taste and get to know the Guadalajara of then and now.

Walkthrough the Mexicaltzingo neighborhood

Without a doubt, when you come to Guadalajara you have to try the tortas ahogadas, which you can get in many places in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara. The tortas ahogadas sold by the place called 'El príncipe Heredero', located in the Mexicaltzingo neighborhood, are famous among the people of Guadalajara.

Even actress Eva Longoria couldn't resist and tried in February the tortas known as Sears, which you can accompany with a tejuino, a pre-Hispanic drink made from corn, to finish with a jericalla. The jericallas were made at the Hospicio Cabañas by the nuns who cared for the children.

Delight yourself with meat in its juice

Another typical food is meat in its juice and the most popular option is the Karnes Garibaldi restaurant that holds the Guinness record for the fastest food service in the world with thirteen seconds. The meat in its juice is a dish that includes beef, bacon, onion, green tomato, lemon, cilantro, and onion at the end. This dish is eaten hot and accompanied by tortillas.