How to generate secure passwords for the Internet

With these guidelines in mind, you can protect your devices better and lessen your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft, one of the most prevalent forms of cybercrime.

How to generate secure passwords for the Internet
With these tips, you can protect your devices from identity theft, a prevalent cybercrime. Photo by Privecstasy / Unsplash

Because most of the passwords we use for our electronic devices and internet applications are not very secure, we are all exposed to being victims of cybercrime, such as identity theft, said Mr. Jesús Real Vázquez from the General Directorate of Intelligence, Policy, Criminal and Crime Prevention of the Jalisco State Attorney's Office, during the conference "Digital Violence" held at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), during the II Seminar "The Brain in Emotions and Learning".

In the first half of this year, 7,661 cybercrimes (reported) were registered in Mexico, according to data from the Scientific Directorate of the National Guard (GN).

Few people in Mexico install security systems in their cell phones and other mobile devices, a common mistake that costs the population dearly, warned the security official.

How to create a secure password

Write a password with more than 10 characters.
Use alternating upper and lower case letters.
Use numbers, not continuous.
Use at least one special character, such as a period, period signs, hyphens, or other characters.
The more difficult to guess, the better; be as cryptic and less obvious as possible.
To avoid forgetting passwords, he recommended writing them down on a piece of paper and keeping it in a safe place, and sorting by application name and password, when writing them down.

He also recommended:

Changing them (passwords) frequently, every month is the most advisable.
Update security programs on computers.
Install security programs on cell phones.
Do not only have lock patterns but also passwords to lock devices.

What not to do to generate secure passwords for the Internet

Do not use dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, names of family members, your name, and other obvious data or that can be obtained from social networks or public documents.
Do not share locations either.
Be careful who you share identifying information with.
Do not give information about people close to you.
Do not share reference images.
Beware of allowing geolocation.