Hotels and Businesses Reopen in Post-Otis Acapulco

Acapulco rebounds post-Hurricane Otis: 52 hotels open, rebuilding efforts underway. Structural upgrades mandated for cyclone resilience. Challenges persist in maritime fleet recovery and dengue fever cases. Mariachis seek opportunities beyond as traditions face disruption.

Hotels and Businesses Reopen in Post-Otis Acapulco
The majestic return of ARM Cuauhtémoc to Acapulco's shores echoes resilience and a united spirit. Credit: SEMAR

In the wake of Hurricane Otis, Acapulco has made significant strides towards recovery, with nearly 40 days having passed since the devastating impact. As the city navigates the aftermath, a comprehensive assessment reveals both progress and challenges in various sectors.

Tourism Sector's Resilience

Despite the adversity, Acapulco is showcasing resilience in its tourism sector. Of the fifty-two hotels currently in service, forty-five have restored air conditioning, underscoring the city's commitment to reclaim its tourist-friendly atmosphere. The remaining establishments are utilizing fans, ensuring a continuous recovery for the port's vibrant tourist industry.