Tourists boost Holbox Island for its safe beaches without sargassum

Due to the excessive arrival of seaweed in Playa del Carmen, tourists travel to the island of Holbox, a tourist destination in Quintana Roo.

Tourists boost Holbox Island for its safe beaches without sargassum
On the Yucatan Peninsula's northeastern coast lies the delightful Holbox island. Credit: Tricia Sarrazin / Unsplash

Hundreds of thousands of national and foreign tourists throng the beaches of Holbox, in the north of Quintana Roo. This brings substantial profits for all tourism service providers and positions the island as one of the preferred destinations of the entity.

The first authority of the island, Manuel Escamilla García, informed that an operation had been deployed in the beach area to ensure the safety of visitors, such as crimes and theft of belongings.

The beaches of Holbox have lower levels of sargassum than those of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

The police patrols include the hotel zone and the more remote areas of the island. During this vacation season, it is common for house burglaries to increase. So far, there have been no such situations, which shows that the security operation is producing results.

Many tourists walk around the island daily, from the beach area to downtown. At the same time, service providers have increased their profits. This season has been one of the best since the reactivation after the pandemic.

The excessive arrival of sargassum to the coasts of Playa del Carmen has caused the displacement of tourists to the island of Holbox. The tourist destination in Quintana Roo expects this summer a hotel occupancy close to 100%.

Francesco Rossi, a hotel businessman who migrated from Playa del Carmen, the epicenter of the Riviera Maya, to Holbox, said that the island is fully recovering. This is thanks to national and international tourism, which seeks less polluted and sargassum-free destinations, as was evident during the last Easter holiday.