Puerto Vallarta's Charros, Bears, and Crocs, Oh My!

From the charro rodeo and Bearadise festival to the Madonnari art extravaganza, this city is a vibrant canvas. But watch out for unexpected crocodile neighbors—Puerto Vallarta, where every day is a lively fiesta.

Puerto Vallarta's Charros, Bears, and Crocs, Oh My!
Charros in vibrant attire showcase their equestrian skills at the International Charro Tournament in Puerto Vallarta.

Ladies and gentlemen, charros and bears, art enthusiasts and party animals, welcome to Puerto Vallarta in 2024—a city where tradition blends seamlessly with festivities, all against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and, apparently, a growing crocodile community.

The Charro Extravaganza

From January 31 to February 4, Hacienda Serena will be the battleground for the twelfth International Charro Tournament. With 43 charro teams, 30 skirmishes, and over 1,200 participants, this sports event is set to showcase the best of Mexican and American equestrian prowess. Rancho Laurel, Dos Compadres, and others are saddling up to compete for a prize pool that would make even the most stoic charro crack a smile—2 million pesos! And it's not just about the lassos and sombreros; this year's edition is roping in the fight against breast cancer with free mammograms and lenses. It seems the charros have a heart as big as their sombreros.