Global companies very interested in investing in Mexico: de la Mora

The big global companies are "very interested in continuing to invest in Mexico" and "have a good image" of the country, said today the Mexican Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Luz Maria de la Mora, to conclude its agenda of meetings with businessmen in the Forum of Davos.

Global companies very interested in investing in Mexico
Global companies very interested in investing in Mexico

"They are very interested in continuing to invest in Mexico. They have a good impression of our country, "Luz María de la Mora, who headed the official delegation that the government of Mexico sent to the 49th World Economic Forum, which concluded yesterday, told Notimex.

During her four days in Davos, de la Mora interviewed, among others, executives from Google, Amazon, Iberdrola, AT & T and the Swiss pharmaceutical Novartis, which announced a new investment in Mexico of twenty million dollars. For its part, AT&T, which has invested seven billion dollars in Mexico, "is willing to continue with this investment in the long term by investing in a sector that is very important for Mexico, such as the telecommunications infrastructure and the technology, "de la Mora said.

The undersecretary met with entrepreneurs already established in Mexico who are making their investment plans for the coming years, which "have committed to the government of President López Obrador to maintain their investments," said the official.

"Really the reaction we have received from the companies we have met is the best one (...) I think we can be very good partners in the investment," said the Undersecretary to Notimex.

"The balance of our visit to Davos this week has been really very positive. We have talked with companies that see Mexico as an ideal place to invest as for example (Spanish energy company) Iberdrola "added de la Mora. "They know that our country is also going through times of change.

They are very clear that we need to include more people in the formal economy, we need better-paid jobs and we believe that we are well aligned, their priorities with ours "she explained.

The Undersecretary of Commerce also affirmed that she perceived harmony between the economic axes of the government and those of global companies. "We have said the three axes in the Ministry of Economy, innovation, diversification and inclusion and I think these three axes fall very well within what are the investment plans of companies," said de la Mora, who participated in the Forum of Davos for the first time.

"We have also reiterated to companies that Mexico is a country that is creating a business environment conducive to the development of business in the best conditions," she explained.

"We are creating the best environment to create productive businesses, attract foreign investment and we are also looking to the future, towards the industrial revolution 4.0 and how can we form our capabilities participate in these value chains and add value from Mexico," she concluded.

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