Watch: a giant bear in Monterrey at night outside a house

A video of a gigantic bear, supposedly in Monterrey, has gone viral on social networks; the curious animal has been known to roam at night.

Watch: a giant bear in Monterrey at night outside a house
Video of giant bear outside a house appears in Monterrey.

It is common to report bear sightings in Nuevo Leon. In Monterrey, a video of a gigantic bear is going viral. The curious animal appears to be roaming around at night.

Size of a car, to the naked eye, we could tell you that this is the size of the gigantic bear captured in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The images show that the "little friend" is sniffing some bags as if looking for food.

Yes, this is not the first time that a bear has gone viral in Nuevo Leon, and it seems that this one got away from its area and reached the urbanization outside the garage of a house, where there are a couple of vehicles.

It was probably already too late since the scene is tranquil and quite dark, except for the light directed at the vast animal, who, despite being focused on the lighting, does not seem very distracted.

After a few seconds, the supposed giant bear of Monterrey moves away from the pavement and continues searching in the bag. Due to the video's brevity, it is unknown if the "amigote" returned home after this.

What to do if you encounter a bear?

Whether it is a giant, medium, or small bear, the authorities in Monterrey, and the rest of Nuevo Leon, always issue some recommendations to the people so that no one is in any danger:

Do not lose your cool;
Take shelter;
Stay alert to the bear's behavior;
Do not approach the animal;
Do not feed it, under any circumstances;
Immediately report the sighting to 911.

So, remember that wild animals can react differently; take your distance and call the competent authorities.