Latest Game Recaps of the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022

Check out the most up-to-date information on the Liga BBVA MX, including the latest scores, statistics, and game schedules. Keep up with the most recent outcomes, news, and more.

Latest Game Recaps of the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022
Recent Match Summaries from the 2022 Liga BBVA MX Apertura Season. Photo by Emilio Garcia / Unsplash

Find the most recent information on the Liga BBVA MX, including the latest scores, statistics, and game schedules. Keep up with the most recent outcomes, news, and other developments.

Summary: Santos 1-2 Toluca - Quarterfinals ROUND - Liga BBVA MX

Toluca visited the TSM Corona Stadium to face Santos in the second leg of the Quarterfinals. Coached by Ignacio Ambriz, the 'Diablos Rojos' overcame the 'Guerreros' and got their pass to the next stage of the Apertura 2022 Liga MX Tournament. After a first leg in which the 'Escarlata' team took a 4-3 lead, the series was decided in Torreón.

The 'Lagunera' team was unable to make its home advantage count and Toluca won 2-1 on home soil. The 'Diablos Rojos' opened the scoring at minute 46 through Jean Meneses and later, Mosquera made it 2-0 at minute 49 to increase the lead. In the final stretch of the match, Santos Laguna scored a stoppage-time goal through Fernando Gorriarán.

After qualifying for the Grand Final of the Apertura 2022, Toluca's opponents are América. The team coached by 'Nacho' Ambriz will open the series against the 'Aguilas' at the Nemesio Diez Stadium on Wednesday, October 19 at 9:06 pm. The second leg is scheduled to be played on Saturday, October 22 at the Estadio Azteca at 20:06 hours.

Summary: Puebla 1-6 América - Quarterfinals IDA - Liga BBVA MX

América thrashed Puebla in the first leg of the quarterfinal series of the Apertura 2022 Liga BBVA MX quarterfinals at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc.

América defeated Puebla 6-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022 BBVA MX League, played at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, the score is widely reloaded for the "Águilas", but the "Franja" will look for the feat at the Azteca Stadium. The match started with a goal in the 14th minute by Jordi Cortizo, but América retaliated with six goals, scored by Diego Valdés, Henry Martín (double goal), Alejandro Zendejas, Brian Rodríguez and Federico Viñas.

"The wear and tear of 72 hours the heavy pitch, a performance below what we usually have, and a spectacular level of opposition, three factors that accentuate the difference on the field. We were nowhere near our competitive level and we must highlight their spectacular work," explained Nicolás Larcamón, explaining the factors that led to the defeat against América.

Summary: Puebla 1 (5) - (4) 1 Chivas - Playoffs - Liga BBVA MX

La Franja of Puebla defeated Chivas of Guadalajara on penalty kicks and, after a 1-1 draw, qualified for the quarterfinals.

La Franja del Puebla, coached by Argentine Nicolás Larcamón, defeated Chivas de Guadalajara on Sunday in penalty kicks and, after a 1-1 draw, qualified for the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022 BBVA MX League tournament.

Jesus Angulo missed his shot, while Puebla performed perfectly to win the tie-breaker 5-4, thus securing their place in the last eight, where they will face the Águilas del América.

Puebla came out with forwarding lines after the break and in the 58th minute took the lead with the ninth goal of the championship by Martín Barragán, who accepted service from Emilio Martínez and headed past the goalkeeper.

Chivas went for the equalizer; Larcamón's Puebla was well positioned, attentive to punish with a counterattack. After much persistence, Guadalajara equalized in the last minute of the match, with a goal by Carlos Cisneros on a pass from Angulo.

The scorers of the penalty shootout series

In the penalty shootout, Diego de Buen, the Argentine Federico Mancuello, Guillermo Martínez, Israel Reyes, and Amaury Escoto scored for Puebla; Alexis Vega, Alan Mozo, Santiago Ormeño and Ángel Zaldívar scored for Guadalajara, but Angulo crashed the ball against the crossbar in the fourth round of the shootout.

Summary: Rayados 0-0 Pachuca - Matchday 17 - Liga BBVA MX

Rayados de Monterrey and Pachuca played a scoreless draw on the 17th matchday of the Apertura 2022 tournament at BBVA Stadium.

The regular season is over for Rayados de Monterrey and Pachuca, and both teams have made it directly into the playoffs for the Apertura 2022. Rayados de Monterrey tied scoreless against Tuzos de Pachuca in a match corresponding to the 17th matchday of the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022, with this result both teams ensured their place in the top positions of the competition.

The quarterfinals for La Pandilla and Tuzos will have to wait, as they will have a week and a half's rest while the playoffs are being played; these teams will know their opponents until October 9, when the playoffs will be completed.

Summary: Puebla 1-2 América - Matchday 17 - Liga BBVA MX

The Águilas del América secured the lead in the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022, after defeating Puebla de la Franja by a score of 2-1 at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc.

América secured the overall leadership of the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022, after defeating Larcamón's Puebla by a score of 2-1 in a match corresponding to the 17th date, played at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium.

Early in the match, Roger Martínez opened the account for the team led by Fernando Ortiz, and for most of the match América maintained the 1-0 lead, but in the final part of the match the field was lit up, as at 90', Álvaro Fidalgo extended the lead and in added time, Israel Reyes shortened the distance, but it was not enough for the tie.

The Águilas remain in first place in the competition with 38 points, the result of 12 wins, two draws, and three defeats; Puebla is awaiting results to confirm whether it will play at home or away in the playoffs.

Recap: Mazatlan 1-1 Toluca - Matchday 15 - Liga BBVA MX

Gabriel Caballero's Cañoneros de Mazatlán shared points against Nacho Ambriz's Toluca, with both teams playing for everything in the Apertura 2022.

Mazatlán and Toluca shared points in a match corresponding to Matchday 15 of the BBVA MX League's Apertura 2022, played at the "Kraken" Stadium.  Gabriel Caballero's team took the lead in the 23rd minute of play through Bryan Colula, but Sanvezzo applied the law of the ex and scored the equalizer, as in minute 55 he scored the equalizer and made the final score 1-1.

The "Cañoneros" will play their ticket to the playoffs of the Apertura 2022, in the last matchday against Santos at the "Guerreros" stadium, while Toluca will close the tournament against Querétaro, these teams will be looking to secure their ticket to the playoffs of Mexican soccer.

Summary: Puebla 2-1 Tigres - Matchday 15 - Liga BBVA MX

Puebla earned an important win that puts them in a position to fight for the playoff spots in the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022 tournament.

Puebla's "La Franja" achieved a golden victory against Tigres de la UANL, in a match corresponding to matchday 15 of the BBVA MX League's Apertura 2022 tournament, played at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, with this, led by Nicolás Larcamón, they aspire to the final phase of the competition.

With an "early" goal, the Puebla players took the lead through Martín Barragán, who surprised Nahuel Guzmán and made it 1-0 at the Cuauhtémoc; almost half an hour into the match, the same player scored twice; for Tigres, Samir Caetano scored for Miguel Herrera's team, but that goal was not enough and the felines ended up losing to the "Larcaboys".

With Matchday 16 almost complete, as most of the matches have been brought forward, Tigres and Puebla will be active for the closing of the regular phase. "La Franja" will host América on Friday, September 30 at 6:55 pm, while the felines will visit Atlético de San Luis.

Recap: Juárez 0-1 Rayados - Matchday 14 - Liga BBVA MX

Monterrey Rayados defeated Juarez FC on Botanero Friday to take the lead in the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022 with 31 points.

Monterrey Rayados defeated Juárez FC 1-0 on Botanero Friday and took the lead in the Apertura 2022 Liga BBVA MX tournament with 31 points. At the start of the fourteenth matchday of the championship, Jesús Gallardo scored for Monterrey, which has three more points than second place in the Apertura, the Águilas del América, who will visit Necaxa this Saturday.

Despite the loss, Juarez remained in fourteenth place with 13 points, outside the playoff zone. Both teams played the first half with several impressions that resulted in few emotions in the areas and 14 fouls, 10 of them by the Rayados. Juárez was the only team capable of scoring a goal when, at minute 40, the Argentinean Matías García took a free kick from the left that the Uruguayan Gabriel Fernández headed into the area, but the Argentinean goalkeeper Esteban Andrada saved.

Los Rayados pressed in the final 15 minutes and took the lead in the 76th minute. Jesús Gallardo, on the left, outwitted his marker, entered the box, and shot against goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera's post, which contributed to the 0-1 score. In the 82nd minute, Monterrey could have increased their lead, but a good save by Talavera from Argentinean Germán Berterame and a header on the goal line by Spaniard Alejandro Arribas from a shot by Alfonso González prevented the goals.

Summary: Rayados 3-2 Cruz Azul - Matchday 13 - Liga BBVA MX

In Rayados de Monterrey's return to free-to-air TV, La Pandilla and La Máquina de Cruz Azul played a high-level match in the Sultana del Norte.

Rayados de Monterrey defeated Cruz Azul by a score of 3-2 at the majestic Steel Giant, this match was part of Day 13 of the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022 tournament. The goals for the Sultana del Norte team were scored by Jesús Gallardo, Luis Romo, and German Berterame, while for Cruz Azul the goals were scored by Carlos Rotondi and Uriel Antuna.

With this result, the team coached by Víctor Manuel Vucetich has 28 points and is second in the overall standings, while the Cementero team has 12 points and is in fifteenth place in the general classification of the tournament. Rayados will face FC Juárez on FUT Azteca's Botanero Friday at 9 pm, while Cruz Azul will host Mazatlán FC at the Estadio Azteca.

Summary: Atlas 0-0 Pumas - Matchday 12 - Liga BBVA MX

In a spectacular game, Pumas shared points against Atlas, and both teams are in the bottom half of the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022.

The Rojinegros del Atlas and Pumas de la UNAM shared points in a duel full of emotions, posts, and crossbars at the Jalisco Stadium, corresponding to the 12th matchday of the competition, both teams are in the bottom positions of the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022. The Zorros had several scoring opportunities, as did the Pedregal team, which had a clear opportunity with Juan Ignacio Dinneno, but Atlas goalkeeper Camilo Vargas was a factor in keeping the red-and-black goal from falling.

With this result, the feline team has 10 points, the result of one win, seven draws, and four defeats, while the "Zorros" have the same number of points, thanks to two wins, four draws, and seven losses. The next matches for the universitarios and rojinegros will be on matchday 13, midweek; Mazatlán will host Atlas at the Kraken Stadium, while Pumas UNAM will do the honors against Querétaro.

Summary: Chivas 3-1 Pumas - Matchday 11 - Liga BBVA MX

Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara has now won for the third time after defeating Pumas UNAM in the 11th round of Liga BBVA MX.

Chivas Guadalajara won by a score of 3-1 resoundingly against Pumas UNAM in a match corresponding to the 11th matchday of the Apertura 2022 of Liga BBVA MX, this result puts coach Andrés Lillini in serious trouble. The match began with an "early" goal, as at minute three, Diogo scored the first goal in favor of the universitarios; the happiness did not last long, as Chivas immediately equalized through Jesús Orozco.

Before the break, the "Rebaño Sagrado" took a big lead, as Alexis Vega scored at minute 38, and two minutes later, Isaac Brizuela made it 3-1, a score that remained until the end of the match. The team coached by Ricardo Cadena will visit the "Diablos Rojos" of Toluca on Sunday, September 4, while on September 3, Atlas will face the red-and-black Atlas at the Jalisco Stadium.

Summary: Atlas 1-1 Puebla - Matchday 10 - BBVA MX League

In a duel full of emotions, the red-and-black Atlas and Puebla drew at the Jalisco Stadium, on matchday 10 of the Liga BBVA MX.

The "Zorros" of Atlas tied against Puebla 1-1, in a match corresponding to the 10th matchday of the Apertura 2022 of the BBVA MX League, played at the Jalisco Stadium. The goals came in the first half, very early in the clock, Martín Barragán scored the 1-0, while the equalizer came through Julián Quiñones, so they went to the break and in the second half, neither team was able to score the winning goal.

The Rojinegros will visit Pachuca, in a match scheduled for matchday 16 of the competition, but this match will be brought forward to Thursday, August 25 at the Hidalgo Stadium; for matchday 11, they will face León on Sunday, August 28. Meanwhile, Puebla will face Juárez on August 26 in FUT Azteca's traditional Botanero Friday.

Summary: Chivas 1-4 Tigres - Matchday 9 - Liga BBVA MX

Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara lost to Tigres at the Akron Stadium in the BBVA MX League's ninth match of the season.

In a pending match corresponding to day 9 of the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022, the Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara lost 4-1 to Tigres, who looked strong and dominant for most of the match. This defeat comes just days before the National Classic against the Águilas del América.

Tigres were superior in all sectors of the field, although Ricardo Cadena's team showed flashes of good soccer when it came to scoring goals, the San Nicolás de los Garza team was accurate with a double by Juan Pablo Vigón, as well as a goal by Samir, after a gross error by Miguel Jiménez in the goal.

To finish off the scoring, Frenchman Florian Tauvin made it 4-0 and Ángel Zaldívar immediately scored the equalizer for Chivas with a superb goal. Chivas will now play an edition of the Clásico Nacional against América, while Tigres will visit the Puebla strip in the traditional Botanero Friday.

Summary: Mazatlán 1-1 Querétaro - Matchday 9 - Liga BBVA MX

Oswaldo Alanís headed in a corner kick in the 88th minute to rescue Mazatlán a 1-1 draw with Gallos Blancos de Querétaro.

Defender Oswaldo Alanís headed in a corner kick in the 88th minute to rescue Mazatlán's team from a 1-1 draw with Querétaro's Gallos Blancos, who had taken the lead with a right-footed goal by Raúl Torres, off a pass from Argentine Juan Romagnoli. Match corresponding to matchday 9 of the BBVA MX League's Apertura 2022 Tournament.

With this result, the Sinaloa team is in 11th place in the table with ten points, with two wins and four draws, while the Queretaro team is at the bottom of the table with four points and still without a win. On match day 10, Mazatlán will visit Juárez FC, a game that will be played on Saturday, August 20. For their part, the Gallos Blancos will host Xolos de Tijuana at the La Corregidora stadium on the same day.

Summary: Puebla 2-2 Necaxa - Matchday 9 - Liga BBVA MX

Facundo Batista and Agustín Oliveros each scored a goal to give Necaxa a 2-2 draw at home to Puebla on Matchday 9 of the Apertura 2022.

Uruguayans Facundo Batista and Agustín Oliveros scored one goal each to give Necaxa a 2-2 draw at home to Puebla, on Tuesday, in the ninth round of the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022. The Montevideans scored the goals for the visitors, while for the home team, Martín Barragán and Jordi Cortizo scored for the Mexicans. Necaxa started better and came close to taking the lead with a finish by Batista, but it was the home team that took the lead with a header by Barragán in the 15th minute, from a pass by Uruguayan Maximiliano Araujo.

The second half was a faster-paced affair. Necaxa equalized with a right-footed touch in the 54th minute, Puebla regained the lead in the 64th minute with a Cortizo header over the goalkeeper off a pass from Barragán and Oliveros equalized with a left-footed shot from a corner kick in the 84th minute. With the draw, Necaxa moved up to the fourth place, with four wins, one draw, four losses, and 13 points, one more than sixth-place Puebla.

Summary: Chivas 1-1 Atlas - Matchday 8 - Liga BBVA MX

Colombians Julián Quiñones, with a goal, and Camilo Vargas, with several saves, were key for champion Atlas in its 1-1 draw with Chivas Guadalajara in the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022. In the continuation of the eighth round of the championship, Quiñones scored for the Rojinegros and Carlos Cisneros for the home side.

Atlas played almost half an hour with a man down due to the expulsion of Luis Reyes in the 11th minute but held on thanks to the interventions of goalkeeper Vargas until the 38th minute when a red card to Miguel Ponce left both teams with 10 men on the field. In the second half, Atlas started better and in the 63rd minute took the lead with an elegant goal by Quiñones on a free kick.

Guadalajara took control of the ball against an Atlas team that kept the lead and lost it in the 84th minute. After two timely saves by Camino Vargas, in the 84th minute, Cisneros scored a left-footed goal from Fernando Beltrán's pass to rescue the equalizer. The 1-1 draw did not help either of the two rivals. Atlas is in twelfth place with eight points and Chivas, second to last, with six.

Summary: Xolos 3-3 Puebla - Matchday 8 - Liga BBVA MX

La Franja de Puebla drew 3-3 in stoppage time against Xolos de Tijuana thanks to a goal by Israel Reyes at 90+9 in the match corresponding to Matchday 8 of the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022. Brazilian Gustavo Ferrareis and American Jozy Altidore were the other scorers for the Puebla squad.

Edgar López and Argentines Lucas Rodríguez and Lisandro López scored for the Tijuana team. The result sent Puebla to sixth place with 11 points, while the team from the border moved up to seventh place with the same 11 points.

Puebla came back from a 1-3 deficit to take a point from the hosts. Alltidore scored in the 85th minute to shorten the score and Israel Reyes got the long-awaited equalizer. Xolos will now visit the Estadio Azteca on matchday 9 to play against Cruz Azul, while Puebla will host Rayos del Necaxa at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc.

Summary: Puebla 2-1 Pumas - Week 7 - BBVA MX League

La Franja of Puebla gets the win over Pumas that puts them with a guaranteed ticket to the playoffs for the Apertura 2022 Liga BBVA MX tournament.

Puebla defeated Brazilian Dani Alves' Pumas UNAM 2-1 on Botanero Friday, a result that eliminated the felines from the fight for the title of the Apertura 2022 Liga BBVA MX tournament. In a match pending from matchday seven, Jordi Cortizo and an own goal by Argentine Nicolás Freire gave Puebla the win, which moved up to the seventh place with 22 points and secured a place in the playoffs.

The Argentine Eduardo Salvio scored for the felines, who despite investing heavily in the signing of Alves, no longer aspire to enter the playoffs with only one game left in the regular calendar, as they are in second last place with 14 points. Puebla opened the scoring and did not let go of the lead in the first half. In the 5th minute, Araújo set up Cortizo in the area, who settled in and, in front of goalkeeper Julio Rodríguez, scored to make it 1-0.

La Franja took a 2-0 lead with an own goal by Argentine Nicolás Freire, who miscued Araújo's shot. The Pumas' goal came in the 82nd minute when Dinenno's header crashed against a post and on the rebound, 'Toto' Salvio made it 2-1 in the 83rd minute.

Summary: Santos 4-0 Cruz Azul - Matchday 7 - BBVA MX League

Santos took advantage of Cruz Azul's paper-thin defense to beat them 4-0 at the TSM in a match corresponding to matchday 7 of the Apertura 2022.

Santos Laguna defeated a defense-stricken Cruz Azul 4-0 and moved up to fourth place in the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022 table, in the continuation of the seventh matchday of the championship. At their stadium, Santos gave the Cementeros a dance and won with goals from the Argentine Javier Correa and the Mexican players Hugo Rodríguez, Eduardo Aguirre, and Carlos Orrantia. In the 18th minute, from a corner kick, Uruguayan Fernando Gorrirán put a cross into the area that Correa turned into the 1-0 with a header, the beginning of a night for Uruguayan coach Diego Aguirre's Celestes.

The visitors' defense was in trouble in the second half when they conceded three goals, from Rodríguez, with a header from a corner kick; from Aguirre, with a right-footed shot from Omar Campos; and from Orrantia, with a goal from the angle on an assist from Gorrirán. As if that were not enough, in the 87th minute, Paraguay's Ángel Romero missed a penalty kick and let Cruz Azul's consolation goal slip away. Santos moved into the direct qualification zone for the quarter-finals with three wins, one draw, two defeats, and 10 points, four less than leaders Rayados de Monterrey, who a couple of hours earlier beat León 5-1.

Summary: Mazatlán FC 2-1 Chivas - Matchday 6 - Liga BBVA MX

A free-kick goal from Oswaldo Alanís saw Mazatlán FC beat Chivas de Guadalajara, who remain winless in the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022.

Mazatlán FC made their home ground count and beat Chivas de Guadalajara 2-1, the "Rebaño Sagrado" is still without a win in the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022 tournament, in a match corresponding to match day 7 that was played at the "Kraken".

Emilio Sánchez and Oswaldo Alanís scored for the "cañonero" team, the team coached by Gabriel Caballero achieved its first victory of the tournament and moved up to the fifteenth place with six points in the general table.

On the Chivas' side, attacker Ángel Zaldívar scored for Guadalajara, after missing a penalty kick, but on the rebound, "Chelo" took advantage of Nicolás Vikonis' rebound and scored for Los Tapatíos, but it was not enough for them and they lost, dropping them to sixteenth place with five points.

Summary: Juárez 1-1 Toluca - Matchday 5 - Liga BBVA MX

Chile's Jean Meneses scored a stoppage-time goal to give Toluca a draw at Juárez on Botanero Friday.

Chilean Jean Meneses converted on 'Botanero Friday' a goal in stoppage time to give Toluca a 1-1 draw at home to Juárez FC, with which the team jumped to the lead in the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022 Tournament. Meneses scored for the Diablos after Uruguayan Maximiliano Olvera scored for Juárez, coached by Argentine Hernán Cristante.

The Diablos dominated the match in the first half against an opponent with a disorder in defense but were unable to reflect it on the scoreboard. Juárez came out for goals in the second half and gave Toluca a dance, but a couple of errors by Jesús Dueñas, timely appearances by the defense, and good interventions by Brazilian goalkeeper Tiago Volpi kept the scoreboard goalless.

After persisting for so long, Juárez took the lead in the 88th minute. Olvera took a free kick and put the ball into the net for the 1-0 lead. After receiving the blow, coach Ignacio Ambriz's Diablos took possession of the ball, pressed from the midfield forward, and in the 93rd minute equalized with a header by Meneses on a pass from Colombian Andrés Mosquera. Toluca ended up with 10 men on the field after Sebastián Saucedo was sent off in the 98th minute.

Summary: Mazatlan 1-1 Atletico San Luis - Matchday 4 - Liga BBVA MX

This was the 1-1 draw between Mazatlán and Atlético San Luis on Botanero Friday in Matchday 4 of Liga BBVA MX. Here are the best of the action.

They split points. Mazatlán and Atlético San Luis drew one goal apiece, in Matchday 4 of the Apertura 2022, in our Botanero Friday, thanks to goals from Gonzalo Sosa for the Cañoneros and Abel Martínez for the Potosinos. Sosa managed to open the scoring from the penalty spot in the 36th minute, after scoring with a strong shot to the center, while Marcelo Barovero jumped on his left side. With this, the '9' of the team from the Pearl of the Pacific made his debut in the tournament as a goal scorer.

Mazatlán's joy was short-lived, as the equalizer came three minutes later. Hernández headed in from a corner kick, but Nicolás Vikonis could do little to prevent his goal from being saved. With this result, the cañoneros reached two points in the competition, and still hope to win their first match of the Apertura 2022; Atlético San Luis, meanwhile, has four points. In the doubleheader, the locals visit Pumas, while the Potosinos host Cruz Azul.

Summary: Santos 1-1 Chivas - Matchday 3 Apertura 2022 - Liga BBVA MX

Saturday's match between Santos and Chivas was the final match of the third round. A draw that left a bittersweet taste in the fans of the Rebaño Sagrado.

For the third consecutive week, Chivas failed to take home the victory; on this occasion, they split the points with Santos, who tied the match in the last minutes of the game. Eduardo Aguirre broke a streak of 309 minutes without a goal against Chivas. In the first big threatening play, Alexis Vega hit the post with a powerful free kick.

In the first minute of the first half, an aerial pass filtered from the midfield reached the feet of the Azteca National Team player, who sped up to the goal line from the left side of the field and put in a cross that was received and finished off by Jesús González, without the goalkeeper, to open the scoring. The Lagunero coach didn't like what happened, so he made three changes at once; these were not effective, as the herd kept on top of Carlos Acevedo's goal.

It was in the 71st minute that the home side made their presence felt. Eduardo Aguirre, who had been on the field for four minutes, scored the goal that leveled the score: he received a filtered pass that he controlled, entered the area, and, with a cutback, beat three of the red and white defenders to score at the near post and scored for the team from the Comarca Lagunera.

Summary: Atlas 3-2 Cruz Azul - Matchday 3 Apertura 2022 - Liga BBVA MX

In Saturday's third round of Liga BBVA MX action, Atlas earned its first win of the tournament against Cruz Azul in a goal-fest.

Atlas won its first match of the Apertura 2022 against Cruz Azul with a 3-2 score, with goals from Ozziel Herrera, Ángel Márquez and Julián Quiñones. La Máquina came close to equalizing but came up short with a late goal in the 85th minute by Tabó. During the first few minutes, the ball remained divided in midfield between the two teams.

The Red and Blacks quickly took the lead with a goal from a corner kick that Ozziel Herrera shot into Sebastián Jurado's goal in the 9th minute. The Cementeros did not take long to react, as, in the 20th minute, Santiago Giménez equalized the score with a dove-footed goal. In first-half stoppage time, referee Óscar Macías was called to the VAR to review a foul that ended up being a red card for Carlos Rotondi, who was playing his first start in Mexico.

In the second half, Jeremy Márquez gave the home side the lead again after just three minutes on the field. The goal came from a cross into the box that the youngster headed in. The Celestes tried to dig deep to avoid more goals against them, but in the 81', Julián Quiñones controlled inside the area and shot across the face of the goal. This was the fourth goal of the match, the third for Atlas. Cristian Tabó scored for Cruz Azul with a strong shot from inside the box that Vargas could not stop.

Summary: Puebla 1-1 Leon - Matchday 3 Apertura 2022 - Liga BBVA MX

On Botanero Friday, an intense duel between Puebla and Leon, Omar Fernandez and Lucas Di Yorio scored in the continuation of Matchday 3.

A match full of emotions was lived on the field of the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, Puebla and León did not disappoint in the traditional Botanero Friday, a back and forth encounter ended in a draw that makes both squads remain undefeated in the BBVA MX League Apertura 2022 Tournament.

Omar Fernández, who returned to the "Franja" after a year with León, was in charge of opening the scoring at minute 20, the Opoblano player defined masterfully before the goalkeeper of the "Panzas Verdes", Rodolfo Cota. In the second half, Lucas Di Yorio appeared at the near post of the home goal and shot the ball to tie the game against Nicolás Larcamón's team.

Summary: Puebla 1-0 Santos - Matchday 2 Apertura 2022 - Liga BBVA MX

Brazilian Gustavo Ferrareis converted on 'Botanero Friday' to give Puebla a 1-0 win over Santos Laguna in the Apertura 2022.

Brazilian Gustavo Ferrareis converted on 'Botanero Friday' to give Puebla a 1-0 win over Santos Laguna to confirm the team as the leader of the Apertura 2022 tournament in Liga BBVA MX. In the 10th minute, Ferrareis converted from Jordi Cortizo's right-footed pass to give Argentine coach Nicolás Larcamón's Puebla its second win in a pair of championship outings.

At their stadium in Puebla, in the center of the country, Larcamón's team was better in the first half, in which they had possession in their favor, 60-40. With good tackles on the left flank, Puebla repeatedly stepped into the box against a Santos team that took more than half an hour to create danger, in the 34th minute, when the Colombian Harold Preciado reached the box with a controlled ball and smashed it against the post.

In the second half, Santos went for the equalizer and almost got it, but Argentine Leonardo Suárez put the ball on the crossbar. Although Santos gained possession, Puebla created danger on a couple of occasions; in the 56th minute they failed to finish with an advantage in the area, and in the 57th minute they shot wide. Puebla maintained order in defense and held off the persistent Santos to earn their first win at their stadium.

Summary: Mazatlán 0-1 Tigres - Day 2 Apertura 2022 - BBVA MX League

The match that opened on Day 2 of the Apertura 2022 was Mazatlán vs. Tigres which ended for the felines here is the summary of the match.

Day 2 of the Apertura 2022 began with an exciting match at the Kraken, but it was a game that lacked goals. Tigres took to the field in Mazatlán to earn their first three points of the tournament, thanks to a great goal by André-Pierre Gignac. Both Mazatlán and Tigres arrived in need of points after losing to Puebla and Cruz Azul on the first matchday. The team coached by Miguel Herrera earned their first points after starting the tournament as favorites.

Tigres took the lead in the first half with a goal by André-Pierre Gignac. The French striker hit a first-time right-footed shot to beat Vikonis and give the visitors the lead. Even though it was a game with many chances, there were no more goals. This was Mazatlán's second consecutive defeat.

Summary: Mazatlan 2-4 Puebla - Day 1 - Apertura 2022 - Liga BBVA MX

The start of the Liga BBVA MX Apertura 2022 was spectacular with a goal fair at the Estadio "Kraken" between Mazatlán FC and Puebla "Franja".

The BBVA MX League Apertura 2022 Tournament began with the duel between Mazatlán FC and Puebla, the team led by the Argentine Nicolás Larcamón began by tilting the field in their favor, as very early in the match they were up on the scoreboard, as five minutes into the match, the young Aztec promise, Israel Reyes scored the first goal for the Camotero team.

Mazatlán will play again as the home team on Day 2 of the Apertura 2022 and will host Tigres at 6:55 pm, while Puebla will make its presentation to its fans against the "Guerreros" of Santos Laguna at 8:55 pm, both games can be enjoyed on Botanero Friday.