Foreign tourist arrested for parading around naked in Playa del Carmen

A foreign man from Estonia was subdued by police officers after he walked on the sidewalk of Avenue 30 in Playa del Carmen without clothes. Watch video.

Foreign tourist arrested for parading around naked in Playa del Carmen
Police detain foreign tourist for walking around without clothes in Playa del Carmen. Vide: Carlos Solis

A foreign tourist, naked and apparently under the influence of drugs, was detained by elements of Public Security, for violating the laws of Playa del Carmen. A witness, named Carlos Solis, began to publish the videos on social networks, where the subject is observed naked, walking on the curb, and for which the policemen asked him to stop.

The foreign citizen who went viral last Saturday on social networks, for walking naked on the curb of Luis Donaldo Colosio Avenue, turned out to be originally from Estonia. After his detoxification, he was placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Attorney General of the State (FGE).

He is accused of injuring one of the officers who tried to arrest him. In the video, it can be seen that the foreigner hits and knocks down the officer. Raul Tassinari Gonzalez, Secretary of Municipal Public Security, stated that the uniformed officer received a blow to the jaw.

"The work was difficult for the colleagues, because (the tourist) did not understand verbal orders of control and command. He hit one of them in the jaw and knocked him down," he said.

Regarding the detainee's state of health, the official said that "he is fine, he continued his detention and was transferred to Public Security to see who he was, to give him a cover of clothes and admit him to the General Hospital, because he was altered, he did not perceive anything. He was admitted for detoxification treatment, and then to the Public Prosecutor's Office for injuries," he said.

The visitor, who is 1.92 meters tall, will be followed up by the Tourist Attention and Protection Center (CAPTA), of the Ministry of Tourism, who will have to check with the National Migration Institute (INM) his immigration status. It is not yet known if the foreigner arrived with family or friends to inform them of the situation, but given the complaint of injuries, he will remain in detention.

As a result of the video, there were comments on social networks about the type of tourists that should arrive at the destination and the measures to be taken so that they are aware of the civil and criminal responsibilities for consumption and, above all, for the possible trafficking of narcotics. Some businessmen requested more dissemination campaigns to warn visitors.