True to his style, Mayweather reveals the luxurious Cancun hotel he is staying in


One of the most extroverted and eccentric boxers of the last 10 years is Floyd Mayweather, who never misses an opportunity to show off the luxuries he can afford. And this time he is again on everyone's lips since he is in a luxurious hotel in Cancun, Mexico, where the night in the most expensive room is worth more than 2 thousand dollars.

The former world champion has always been known for being proud of generating millions of dollars with his fights. What's more, he used to say he was a money-making machine because he indulged in all sorts of things without thinking twice about it. Nevertheless, in the last few hours, Floyd announced that he is vacationing in Mexico with his family. Specifically, he is staying at the Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Cancun.

According to Izquierdazo, the place where Mayweather is staying has 162 luxurious suites. In turn, the Loft Suit is the most expensive room since it is worth more than 2 thousand dollars and has two floors, 500 square meters, a jacuzzi, and a private terrace. Crazy. Furthermore, Money revealed part of the place where he is staying and has a balcony overlooking the sea and with all the possible luxuries.

By Mexicanist, Source Bolavip