Fishing season off to a good start in San Marcos, Mazatlan

The lake formed by the Picachos dam reservoir is an attraction from the entrance to the town. This activity directly employs 140 people.

Fishing season off to a good start in San Marcos, Mazatlan
Photo by James Wheeler / Unsplash

In the midst of natural attractions, Picachos Dam has become one of the most visited places by foreign and national tourists who love sport fishing. Here they can catch and release bass of competitive sizes and relax in a unique environment, as they have the most beautiful scenery in Sinaloa.

The high season for sport fishing began last month and will continue through April, although all year round tourism comes from Monterrey, Coahuila, Saltillo, Durango, Irapuato and Jalisco. While from abroad they come mainly from the United States and Canada. Román Tirado reiterated that the fishing season has started very well, the 28 cabins are kept busy.

Sixty percent are foreigners, who stay up to a week, and 40 percent are national visitors, who stay an average of three days.

This activity in the cabins located in the town of San Marcos, in the municipality of Mazatlán, directly employs 140 families, including the cleaning staff, waiters, cleaners, tour guides, chefs and a team of people who prepare the food at the El Paraíso restaurant, from where the natural beauties can be appreciated while savoring the food.


Presa Picachos cabins are located 45 minutes from Mazatlan. When you arrive at the town of San Marcos, you can see the church tower through the main entrance and from there you can see paradise. At the top are the cabins surrounded by the enormous lake formed by the dam's reservoir.

In 2013 this camp was developed and in 2014 it started operating, and the main attraction for tourists is sport fishing. There is a team of guides who accompany them on the tour of the dam reservoir and along the way they can enjoy the flora and fauna. The guides make the visitor's experience a pleasant one.

Tourists leave at 6:00 a.m. and return at noon. They eat, rest for a while and return to fish at 15:00 hours, to return before dark. This natural attraction is very visited on weekends by locals who come to eat at El Paraíso and from there appreciate the great variety of birds found in the lake. The restaurant remains open to the public.