Who is Fernando Andre Sabag, attacker of Cristina Kirchner?

A man named Fernando André Sagab, 35 years old, has been identified as Cristina Kirchner's assailant. Kirchner was assaulted outside her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the incident was captured on video.

Who is Fernando Andre Sabag, attacker of Cristina Kirchner?
The moment when Fernando Sabag Montiel triggers in front of Cristina Kirchner's face. Credit: Twitter

The vice-president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, was the target of an attack last Thursday night (Mexico time) at the entrance of her house in Buenos Aires. The alleged attacker was arrested by the authorities and it is known that his name is Fernando André Sagab Montiel.

The attack against Cristina Kirchner occurred at the entrance of her house in Buenos Aires, where for days hundreds of demonstrators have gathered to support the former Argentinean president, who is facing a trial on corruption charges.

Cristina Kirchner's attacker took advantage of the crowd to pull out a gun and point it at Argentina's vice-president. Some media indicated that the man fired the gun but no bullet came out.

Later, President Alberto Fernandez, offered a press conference where he assured the public that Cristina Kirchner was alive because the gun did not work, since the gun was loaded with five bullets and the subject did shoot at her.

Fernando Andre Sabag: Who is Cristina Kirchner's attacker?

After the failed attack against Cristina Kirchner, the police managed to arrest the man who tried to shoot the former Argentinean president. The Buenos Aires police said that the attacker was identified as a Brazilian citizen named Fernando André Sagab Montiel, 35 years old, who was carrying a Bersa 380 pistol (manufactured in Argentina).

Sabag Montiel was immediately arrested and several witnesses testified on Friday morning. This day was declared a national holiday by President Alberto Fernandez after the attack against Cristina Kirchner.

According to local media, Cristina Kirchner's attacker worked as a driver and was a member of internet groups that share a neo-Nazi ideology. Police raided the house where he lived at dawn and seized boxes with about 100 bullets.

The Argentine Justice has already started an investigation into what happened in the attack against Cristina Kirchner in a case that was classified as attempted murder.