Famous narco corridos singer is executed in Sonora

The famous narcocorrido singer Francisco Javier Fourcade, 24, was found dead a few hours after being kidnapped.

Francisco Javier Fourcade, 24, was found dead a few hours after being abducted. Organized crime is undoubtedly one of the situations that has most affected Mexico and the world in general, although they are criminal cells, unfortunately, have achieved much popularity and have even created many television series based on the lives of the most famous drug traffickers, as "El Chapo", and in addition to this, a new genre has been created: Los Narcocorridos.

Although many groups are famous for being linked to criminal cells thanks to their music, not many have lasted in this genre, and now one of the exponents of this type of music has been killed.

Who was the singer?

This is the Mexican Francisco Javier Fourcade, a narcocorridos interpreter of 24 years, who a few days ago was informed that he was kidnapped and the possible cause would have been for his music. Hours after the kidnapping, the singer was found dead, his body was found in the vicinity of the Vizcaya University of Guaymas, in the state of Sonora, and it is suspected that he was executed by the same people who deprived him of his freedom.

Due to the speed of the facts, the theory that the kidnapping was aimed at obtaining a ransom was discarded, since the singer lost his life within 2 hours after his kidnapping, so it is presumed that the reason could have been due to their songs or some conflict with criminals. Last January the singer had also been kidnapped and shot, although he survived, and informed his fans of the fact through his Facebook account, publishing the following message:

"Everything is fine, I do not want more notes, I have worked and struggled so much and I've lost myself a lot to achieve what little I've achieved in my musical career, I come from below to nobody has given me anything, what I've harvested was with my own hands, I alone have gone ahead I alone have made my music continues to advance and thanks to my efforts and the help of my beautiful people who support me and listen to my music !!! I do not deal with narcos or mafias so that my music makes noise".