In Guadalajara, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, this summer is the opportunity for many to have fun with the family, so here are some options to entertain yourself without leaving Guadalajara.

Magic Jungle

For those who like amusement parks, this is a good option, since it is a Mexican company dedicated to the amusement of adults and children. This park offers different games according to the age and height of each member of the family. Each game provides an unforgettable experience that will make the day or afternoon the best you have experienced this summer. Selva Mágica has three types of tickets: Magic Pass, Platinum Pass, and VIP Pass.

Extreme Park

For those who are more intrepid and like strong emotions, or feel the sensation of adrenaline, several extreme game parks offer from an extreme game to entire circuits of these attractions. Enjoy with your family and have fun on zip lines, suspension bridges, trampolines, mazes, climbing walls, and many more. Among the most recent parks is VM Park, which is open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 7 pm hours.


If you want to spend a different summer afternoon or evening with your friends or family, bowling is one of the options to have a great time. Organize a family plan so you can spend a whole afternoon or a long night bowling since each bowling alley offers snacks or even a food menu, so you can even have lunch or dinner while you play. For the little ones at home, you can ask for special bars to be set up for them so that there are no incidents when bowling. Remember to bring masks, antibacterial gel, gloves and verify that the establishment complies with the established measures.

Bounce houses

Children's entertainment centers that offer large areas with all kinds of bounce houses have become the favorite of many children, since there are areas such as mazes, slides, ball pools, among others, even bounce houses with a certain degree of difficulty or by age. The truth is that if your little one loves to jump, this is an option to have fun in the summer, remember to wear non-skid socks, as well as a mouth cover and the measures indicated by the establishment.


The interactive city for children from one to 14 years of age, is a place where visitors can freely explore a city to scale of more than five thousand square meters, where they can experience more than 60 exciting professions. The edutainment brand blends inspiration, fun, and learning through role-playing activities. Let the little ones at home have fun and learn in this mini big city.