How Extortionists Target Traders in Los Cabos

Beware, traders of Los Cabos! Impostors pose as Civil Protection agents, extorting cash for business survival. Mayor Castro's mega-market plan aims to tame beach vendors while the airport beefs up security. Chilean tennis stars ready to serve up a storm at ATP 250.

How Extortionists Target Traders in Los Cabos
Los Cabos Civil Protection warns locals of scammers posing as agents, demanding money from traders under false pretenses. Photo by Clint Patterson / Unsplash

Los Cabos, the picturesque paradise on Mexico's Baja California Sur, is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. However, even in this idyllic destination, peculiar problems seem to pop up, like the elusive sand crabs on the shores.

Impersonators on the Loose

In the northern part of Los Cabos, a cunning modus operandi has been detected, leaving traders in a pickle. Imagine this: villains posing as members of the Civil Protection Coordination, and they're not here to save the day! These scammers have been extorting money from innocent merchants by pretending to be the good guys, demanding deposits to avoid the alleged closure of their businesses. Who could have guessed that extortionists would put on a “protective” mask to pull off their sinister schemes?

But fear not, brave inhabitants of Miraflores, Santiago, and La Ribera districts, because Cota Márquez, the hero we need, has emphasized that the real Civil Protection never makes calls for administrative procedures! Huzzah! If you come across these mischievous rascals, report them to 911 or the authorities faster than you can say “Hola!”

Traders Regulated

Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro has some intriguing plans up his sleeve to reorganize traders in the city. An ambitious large market is in the works, ensuring that the traders don't go rogue, outnumbering the hordes of tourists. No more beach domination for these vendors without proper permits, for in the car park pavilion, a new haven for cultural events will be born. Let them offer their products there, as long as they respect the laws!

A Summer Boom

With summer in full swing, Los Cabos is witnessing a tourism boom of colossal proportions. According to the Los Cabos Hotel Association, the month of June closed with hotels at a robust 72% occupancy rate, and the trend is expected to continue throughout July. The national segment is leading the charge, making up nearly 40% of the tourists flocking to the cabana beaches. It seems like everyone wants a slice of this tropical paradise.

Solutions to Power Outages

While tourists are basking in the sun, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is working behind the scenes to keep the lights on. Three power generating plants are being activated in La Paz and Los Cabos to thwart any potential power outages. With one plant coming online on July 29 and two more by August 15, darkness will be banished from the sunny shores.

Los Cabos Police

The Los Cabos Police are not taking their responsibility lightly. In a bid to handle weapons responsibly, they are conducting evaluations on officers based on strict guidelines outlined in article 26 of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives. Only those with an honest way of life, fulfilling national military service, and free from any mental or criminal hindrances will carry arms. Safety first.


Los Cabos International Airport, the gateway to this tourist utopia, is stepping up its game to ensure safety. The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) is setting up an operational base at the airport, with an investment of a cool 10 million pesos. With this move, they aim to provide a more secure environment for the millions of visitors who arrive here each year. Now that's what we call a smooth landing.

Chilean Tennis Stars

The ATP 250 Los Cabos tournament is about to witness some historic Chilean participation. Alejandro Tabilo, the tennis maestro, enters the main draw after the withdrawal of a “Special Exempts.” He will be joined by Nicolas Jarry, Tomas Barrios Vera, and Cristian Garin, bringing some South American flair to the Mexican tournament. Let the fierce tennis battles begin.