Carlos Bremer is a magnate from Monterrey and is considered one of the most successful businessmen in Mexico. At 60 years old, he is the director of Grupo Financiero Value, considered the most profitable company in the financial sector; Bremer is also one of the favorite sharks on the famous show Shark Tank.

The entrepreneur's image also began to be promoted, and with greater impetus, after his participation in the successful production, where he appears in the company of other great magnates and experts in the business sector in Mexico, such as Arturo Elías Ayuub, Patricia Armendáriz, Luis Harvey, Rodrigo Herrera, and Marcus Dantus.

Carlos Bremer began his business career at the age of 12 when he was already selling calculators to business people in Monterrey, his hometown, every year-end season. Two years earlier he had opened his first savings account. By the age of 19, in 1979, he had already joined the Grupo Banpaís brokerage firm.

A successful career in finance

Carlos Bremer founded, together with other partners, Ábaco Casa de Bolsa in 1985, which would later be known as Grupo Financiero Confía, and three years later, in 1988, he began to promote a project he called Fina Factor, which since 1993 has been known as Value.

The businessman believes that entrepreneurs should know that there is no country as incredible as Mexico. Therefore, he states that these types of people have to commit and fight to make a better nation; "I like to see that my clients are doing well, that for me is the most important thing," the businessman would declare to Fortune En Español magazine during an interview granted in 2018.

This renowned Mexican tycoon also considers himself a sports lover, which is why a large part of his life has been dedicated to supporting athletes through trusts and foundations; in 2018 alone he managed to support 50 of them; among them Paola Longoria, Eduardo Nájera, Saúl "El Canelo" Álvarez, among others.

His keys to success

Carlos Bremer has also been involved in the film industry, debuting as a producer of the film El Juego Perfecto in 2010, he also supported the filming of Campeones (2018), a production where he describes the story of how the Mexican U-17 national team won the World Cup against Brazil in 2005.

After these experiences in different areas, Carlos Bremer has always assured that you must always try to make a dream come true, so you must never lack passion, a good business idea, and that this model meets the objective of owning or generating some kind of added value in society.