Emily Ratajkowski, discovered eating quesadillas in a street corner in Mexico


The American actress and model, Emily Ratajkwoski walked through Xochimilco, prior to the end of the year, as part of her tour of South America and lived this experience as an adventurer willing to try all kinds of typical dishes of the region.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

And in this way it was just as it was captured in social networks and surprised the netizens by the natural way with which he stopped at a "street" post of quesadillas to taste the delicacies of the region.

The American loves Mexican food and knows that it is better to eat it like a local woman, so she went to the food stalls to enjoy the local cuisine.

But within the details that attracted the attention of the twitterers, a completely absorbed man pointed out that he did not even notice the presence of the supermodel in the place because he was concentrating on his own saucer.

And this detail began to unleash a series of memes in reference to the distracted man who missed the opportunity to presume that he had been a few meters from the protagonist of "Sexy by accident."

During these days, Emily danced to the rhythm of mariachi music, drank micheladas (spiced beers) while strolling through one of the most touristic areas of Mexico City, on a "trajinera" (small wooden boat in the background) plane moved by a wooden stick more than two meters long).

And the American shared these images with her followers accompanied by the phrase "We love you Mexico", a message that accompanied the photograph in which she is lying peacefully on the floor of the boat.